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The HMRC Assessment Centre

After you have completed the previous stages of the HMRC application process successfully, you will be invited to attend the HRMC assessment centre. The assessment centre usually lasts for one or two days and consists of a variety of exercises. The subject and design of these exercises may vary according to assessment centre but all will consist of certain corresponding elements listed below. Not every course has the same HMRC assessment day but we will go through what you can expect in the main one:

The HMRC Interview – This interview is more of a role-play exercise where you will be given some information about a fictitious company and have to react and judge whether the person sitting opposite you should receive the grant applied for or not.

Two group exercises – These two group exercises are different in nature with the first one is more of a debate with another candidate where you have to try and reason why they are wrong and you are right. The second exercise is much more group based where you will be given some information to discuss as part of the group. It is important to stand up for your opinion as well as listening to other peoples input.

Written report – You will be given some information about a certain government funded operation and you have to weigh up the pros and cons of it in a written report form. This is done under considerable time pressure so make sure you pace yourself accordingly. Prepare for this assessment with our assessment centre preparation pack.

Presentation – At the end of the day you need to make a short presentation on how the day went for you. This isn’t a standard presentation where you are given information beforehand but rather it is a personal assessment of how the day went for you.

The HMRC Interview

The last stage of the application process is the interview. This interview is motivational as well as competency based. What this means is that you need to try and incorporate all the key competencies of HMRC into your answers. They are:

Setting Direction – This means that you have to show an ability to see the bigger picture and thus make effective decisions.

Engaging people – This means that you need to show how you can lead a group as well as collaborating and partnering other in order to achieve a common goal.

Delivering results – You must be able to deliver value for money while at the same time not delivering a poor product.

Study in Advance

HMRC's selection process is by no means easy and the competition for places is constantly stiff. Last year there were 200 places in the HMRC graduate recruitment scheme with the number of applicants being in the thousands. In order to be one step ahead of your rivals, advance preparation is crucial. Preparation involves learning about the selection process and studying for its content. Small improvements in your score can determine whether you pass and go on to the next stage or not.

JobTestPrep's online practice tests and assessment centre exercises have plenty of problems for you to solve and give in-depth explanations to every question. These tests are also timed in a similar structure to real assessment tests so that you can get used to working under time pressure. Study now and be the one to succeed in the selection process with JobTestPrep. 

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