Free University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) Practice Test
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Free UCAT Test Practice

This page contains a free trial of our UCAT (or UKCAT) test. This sample test is comprised of 18 example questions taken from the five sections you will encounter during the UCAT. The questions will range from a variety of topics including those testing your quantitative, verbal and abstract reasoning as well as those for decision making and situational judgement. This free UCAT-style test was designed to give you a glimpse into what to expect come test day. Improve your chances of passing the UCAT with flying colours by using our complete UCAT-style PrepPack™.


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UCAT Test Sample Questions

Below you will find several examples of questions you are likely to encounter while taking the UCAT for 2020. We recommend getting our full UCAT-style PrepPack™ for more in-depth practise.

UCAT Decision Making Sample Question


Which shape will make the last equation true?

A. Circle

B. Square

C. Triangle

D. Pentagon

The correct answer is B.

Analyse this set of shape equations using variables:
circle – x, square – y, triangle – z, pentagon – w.

This yields the following set of equations:

1. w = z – y – x
2. x + y = z – x
3. x + x = y + y + y + y
4. z = x + x + ?

If you develop the second and third equations and sum up the variables, you get the following two equations:

2. 2*x = z – y
3. 2*x = 4*y

And, thus, the conclusion is:

4*y = z – y
5*y = z

Inserting this to the fourth equation yields:
z = 5*y = 4*y + y = 2x + y = 2*x + ?

Thus, ? = y, which means a square is the shape that will make the last equation true.

UCAT Abstract Sample Question



Which of the following test shapes belongs in set B?


The correct answer is D.

The rules for set B are as follows:

The set starts with either a black triangle or a black oblong. A black oblong divides into two branches, ending in two hearts, one black and one white. A black triangle only has one branch, which ends in a single black heart. Black hearts divide into two branches, ending in one triangle and one oblong. Both shapes are the same colour, either black or white. White hearts always have one branch that ends with a single white triangle. White triangles or oblongs do not have branches.

Answer (A) is incorrect because the two hearts that branch out of the first black oblong are the same colour. Answer (B) is incorrect because the triangle and the oblong that branch out of the first black heart are different colours.

Answer (C) is incorrect because the white triangle has a branch.

Remember, once you have found the correct answer, mark it and move on.


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UCAT Test Questions & Answers

The UCAT is used by a variety of universities to assess applicants for entry into their medical or dental programmes. Since the testing atmosphere for this assessment can be somewhat stressful, it is recommended that you give yourself enough time to study beforehand. Our in-depth UCAT-style practice materials were designed to boost your confidence and stimulate your learning process. Improve your chances of getting into the programme of your choice by using our exclusive UCAT-style PrepPacks™. Each pack includes hundreds of practice questions, study guides, and more to ensure your success.

What is the UCAT?

The UCAT is a computer-based assessment that consists of five sections, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision making, and situational judgement. This test was designed to assess your critical reasoning, verbal and numerical skills. Each section of the UCAT is scored from 300 to 900 with the average score being around 660 per section. Most people taking the UCAT tend to score between 500 – 700, therefore, a score of 700 or higher is considered highly competitive. This score will be valid for the correlating application year and the test cannot be taken more than once during the same season (year).

How Can JobTestPrep Help you?

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