David Meshulam

Founder and CEO of JobTestPrep


David holds a master’s in social psychology, which he obtained after completing a long and rewarding career as an Air Force pilot. David is the world’s test prep industry pioneer. In 1992, he initiated the idea that psychology should be used as a powerful tool that helps applicants land a job, and not a tool that disqualifies them. Over the years, he realized that the best way to prepare for an assessment test is by knowing exactly what you’re up against and practicing with the most realistic prep materials. This takes away the tremendous anxiety and stress that taking tests without preparation causes. That’s why he insists that every PrepPack™ that goes live on this site provides the customers with the most accurate testing experience. Knowing that he has helped people get their dream job keeps him motivated and pushes him to give you the best possible service every day.

  • Personality, Behavioral, and Situational Judgment Tests

Personality, Behavioral, and Situational Judgment Tests