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DLA Piper Recruitment Procedure

If you are applying for the DLA Piper graduate scheme or the DLA Piper internship, you should know that during the selection process at DLA, candidates go through assessments and psychometric testing. Find out more about these stages and how this PrepPack™ can help you in getting ready for each test.

DLA Piper Online Application Form

Whether applying for the DLA Piper Graduate Programme or the DLA Piper Internship Programme, the first step is the online application form. This is a fairly basic application form, where you will get the opportunity to upload your CV, as well as a cover letter. This is your first chance to show DLA Piper recruitment staff that you have what it takes to be a great addition for the job position. It is important that you incorporate the key competencies of the company into your application form. This shows not only that you have the right skills for the DLA Piper job, but also that you are motivated to work for the company.

The key competencies are:

  • Commercial awareness
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership
  • Drive
  • Communication
  • Team skills
  • Attention to detail

The more you can demonstrate these key values, the more chance you have of separating yourself from the crowd, thus giving yourself the best chance of success. Read more about how to approach your application form with our law firm application forms blog. 

If you are successful in this stage of the application process, you will move on to the next stage of the DLA Piper application process.

DLA Piper Psychometric Tests

The information on the CV and your cover letter are read by DLA Piper recruitment. If they think you are a good match for the position and the company values, you will be invited to take the DLA Piper assessment tests. These assessments usually consist of the DLA Piper verbal reasoning test and the DLA Piper personality questionnaire. The following and final stage is the DLA Piper assessment day.


Prepare for your DLA Piper Assessments

Keep in mind that the exams are usually composed of multiple-choice questions and are time-limited. Therefore, preparation will be the key to passing the assessments. That is why the best course of action is to Sign Up immediately and start practicing!


DLA Piper Assessment Day

There are several main tasks you will face at the DLA Piper assessment centre and we will outline them below. Your demeanour will be assessed during the day, so it is important to try and show your motivation throughout the day, even if it is long and hard. The different activities are:

  • DLA Piper interview procedure
  • DLA Piper written exercises
  • DLA Piper case study exercise
  • DLA Piper proof-reading test
  • DLA Piper networking session

DLA Piper Case Study Exercise

In this exercise, you will be given a short brief pertaining to a business proposition that you will have to deal with. Typical DLA Piper case studies are about potential mergers between two fictitious companies and there are myriad details to go through. You will then have a series of questions on the content and put forward your view on correct solutions. You will have 45 minutes to do this task. Find out how we can help you here.

DLA Piper Interview

This interview is usually conducted as a partner interview. It could be with two different partners from different parts of the firm. The DLA Piper interview questions will be expecting a response with lots of detail and reasoning behind your answers. The questions will ask about a topical subject generally and about the future of the business world as it relates to you. For this question, make sure you have read up on a particular subject in the business world, have some opinions about it and put forth some solutions and suggestions. Find out how we can help you fully prepare for the DLA Piper interview using our interview preparation package.

You might be asked to give a pre-prepared presentation at this interview. You will be given a topic to prepare ahead of your assessment day. Gain tips about how to prepare and deliver a successful presentation from our presentation advice pages.

DLA Piper Proof Reading Test

In this exercise, you will simply have to read through a six-page contract and point out all the spelling and grammatical errors that exist in the text. You will have 15 minutes to do this. You can prepare for this test by brushing up on your simple verbal skills.

In Summary

The DLA hiring process is very competitive, but by preparing properly and showing your enthusiasm for the company, you will give yourself the best chance and become a DLA Piper employee. Prepare thoroughly using the practice resources mentioned. 

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