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About Asda

There are other possible streams of entry into Asda, these being George, the clothing wing of Asda, work experience, and hourly paid colleagues which go through a slightly different selection process. Get ready with JobTestPrep to know what Asda assessment questions to expect and which Asda assessment answers are appropriate.

Asda Jobs Application Form & Competencies

The first step on the journey to a job at Asda is the online application form. There are a few different points of note here. Firstly you will be given a chance to upload your CV to the system. As well as this there are some competency questions that you have to answer. You are given 1000 characters to answer these questions. Some possible questions that you can be asked are:

  • What skills and experiences can you bring to Asda?
  • Please provide some examples when you have effectively demonstrated leadership skills
  • What achievements are you most proud of to date?

While answering these questions can seem to be difficult and arduous, these are also a huge opportunity for you to shine. The correct way to answer these questions is to incorporate the key competencies of the company into your answers. As well as this, you should use the STAR method for answering these questions as this not only gives a full picture of the competencies you want to demonstrate but also make your writing more readable. The easier you make it for the reader to understand the better impression you create.

The Asda key competencies are:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ambition

Moreover, even though these are the main competencies, you should pay careful attention to the job description as this has some valuable information pertaining to the job. You can use this information in your answers and if you manage to include all the competencies in your answers you will really stand out from the crowd.


The Asda Assessments

After you have completed the main part of the Asda jobs application form, you will be asked to take a series of online tests produced by Kenexa, a widely used testing company. These tests are used to weed out anyone but the highest percentage of applicants. It is therefore imperative that you practise these tests and learn the skills required in order to succeed in these tests.

The Asda Personality Test

The first test you will face is an untimed Cultural Fit Questionnaire. You are given 80 different adjectives and you have to rate them according to your personality. It is important to know how to answer these questions as sometimes you will rate something by mistake and it may cost you.

The Asda Numerical Test

In the Asda numerical test, you will be given 20 questions to answer in 20 minutes. You will be presented with some information in a table or graph form and some multiple-choice questions. You have to critically evaluate the numerical information contained within the questions and, with the help of a calculator, answer the questions.

The Asda Verbal Reasoning Test

You will be presented with a paragraph and a statement. For each statement, you have to decide if it is correct, incorrect, or impossible to tell from the text. There are 24 questions that have to be answered within the 18 minute time frame.

With all of these tests it is important to bear in mind that without practice and training, it is almost impossible to do yourself justice. The reason for this is because these tests are unique in nature and are not the type of tests that you have had to sit before. However, with training and practise, you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd and show Asda your best. If you do well enough in the ASDA psychometric tests you will be invited to the next stage of the application process, Asda Reality.


Succeed in Taking Your Asda Assessment

Our Asda PrepPacks™ were designed in order to give you an advantage over the other Asda candidates. We offer dozens of detailed practice Asda tests, as well as study guides, and score reports. Begin practising today and outperform the competition tomorrow!


Asda Assessment Centre and Interview

The Asda assessment centre, called Asda Reality is really a test of your skills as well as how well you will fit into the culture and goals of the company. Before you attend Asda Reality you will be sent some information for a presentation that is stream dependent. For example, if you are applying for a Store development position you may be sent something along the lines of coming up with a business plan or idea to improve the company.

During the day you will have to do the following activities:

The Asda Case Study and Presentation

Using the material that you have already prepared before the day, you will be asked to present your findings to a panel of assessors. You will have 10 minutes to present your findings and show that you have the leadership qualities that they are looking for. It is important to remember that you have to show the assessors what they want to hear and see, not what you want to show them.

Asda Interview

You will have a competency based interview with a manager that is half an hour in length. The Asda interview is testing your abilities as well as your motivation to work for them. They want to hear that you are hardworking and motivated to do the best possible job. Some Asda interview questions include:

  • Why do you want to work for Asda?
  • Tell me about a time when you accomplished something?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team?

Group Activity

As well as the other tasks you will also have various different group activities. These are actually aimed to be fun and are used to see how well you fit into a team. For example you may be asked to build a tower from building blocks.


If you are successful in the Asda Reality assessment day you will be invited back to have a further interview with two members of the Managerial team. This isn't as intense as the other one was as they are already leaning towards hiring you. While they may ask you some competency questions you can use the answers you have said already. This interview is more of “get to know you” style interview. They want to know how well you will fit into the team. If you are successful in this interview you will hear from them within the next week.


Asda Graduate Scheme

If you consider applying to Asda graduate scheme you will first have to complete the Asda online application. The second stage is an online situational judgement test. This will be followed by the Asda interview, which is virtual. You will be contacted by a representative to arrange a time which suits your schedule. The Asda interview questions require you elaborate on your experience and relevancy for the position. Finally, you will be invited to participate in the ASDA Group Assessment.


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