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What's Included

  • 11 next-in-series tests
  • 9 odd-one-out tests
  • 8 matrices tests
  • 3 analogies tests
  • 3 other styles tests
  • Score reports and comprehensive solving tips
  • Video tutorial and a study guide
  • Money back guarantee


Through this pack you stand to gain instant access to over 30 abstract reasoning practise tests built and tested to resemble your actual test as closely as possible. Even a few days using this prep pack will greatly improve your chance of success in your job application.

This pack contains many abstract samples and inductive reasoning tests with hundreds of questions and explanations on how to solve abstract reasoning tests online. It includes all types of abstract reasoning tests-both logical and inductive reasoning tests.

Make the Best of Your Preparation with Company-Specific Tailored PrepPacks

JobTestPrep's practice abstract assessment is the most professional and profound web-wide preparation package for your abstract psychometric test. Abstract reasoning tests are becoming increasingly utilised by companies as part of their recruitment process, and as such, understanding and mastering abstract reasoning questions is essential for your test preparation.

We provide you with company-specific tailored PrepPacks, such as the Macquarie psychometric assessment, preparation tailored to specific test providers such as Cubiks test preparation, and an all-encompassing abstract reasoning preparation pack.


UKCAT Abstract Reasoning

If you are interested in practising the abstract reasoning section for the UKCAT, go to UKCAT Abstract Reasoning.


EPSO Abstract Reasoning

If you are interested in practising the abstract reasoning section for the EPSO, go to this page.


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