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What Are Psychometric Tests?

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Making the Most of Your Free Psychometric Tests

  1. Get a glimpse of the solving methods and strategies necessary to solve questions on each type of test
  2. Familiarise yourself with the online test format used by most employers
  3. Get an idea of the different types of questions each assessment is known for
  4. Review your detailed score report showing your predicted score
  5. Go a step further and review the associated questions and with explanations by our psychometric experts for additional insight into the products that we offer

Practise further with our comprehensive Psychometric PrepPacks™ to further stimulate your learning process and outscore the competition.


About the Main Test Types:

We made available for you all the following classes of free tests and many more. Choose the appropriate free psychometric test for your circumstances and launch your preparation effort. The first step towards landing your dream job.

Numerical Reasoning

Having previous knowledge of the concepts and solving strategies needed to pass a numerical test is crucial to your overall score. The subjects found on numerical assessments include ratios, percentages, currency conversions and more.


Verbal Reasoning

Verbal tests are used to evaluate your comprehension skills and ability to draw conclusions. During a verbal test, you will need to answer questions based on a passage of text. The most common answers come in the form of true, false or cannot say.


Logical Reasoning

Being able to come to logical conclusions is a desirable skill for may professions. Logical tests will often use a mix of abstract, diagrammatic and inductive reasoning to understand your thought process. Practising for this sort of test is necessary in order to understand how to solve each question quickly and accurately.


Situational Judgement

Passing an SJT can often be what stands between yourself and the job you want. Employers want to know how you will handle certain situations in the workplace. These tests are designed to reveal different personality traits, cognitive abilities and social skills that you possess.


Personality Tests

There are dozens of desirable personality traits being looked for by employers. The closer your personality profile is to the role being advertised, the stronger your chances will be of landing the job.

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