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How Can I Prepare for a CEB SHL Test?

While CEB's SHL offer candidates practice tests on their website, they are of limited amount and do not necessarily reflect the company's actual tests. Moreover, feedback is generally limited to just your score, so you can’t see your mistakes or learn from them.

For more intensive preparation, turn to JobTestPrep. We offer the web's leading preparation services for CEB’s SHL tests, and our practice resources are tailored per position. Get full coverage of CEB’s SHL psychometric tests, hundreds of questions with answer explanations and solving tips, and comprehensive study materials.

Watch the following video to learn more about our CEB SHL–style aptitude tests preparation pack.


Which CEB SHL Tests Can I Expect to Take?

Aptitude (Reasoning) Tests

Aptitude tests are also known as reasoning or cognitive ability tests. CEB SHL reasoning tests are usually taken as Verify Tests. See below for the most popular ones:

  • Numerical reasoning tests – measure your understanding of tables containing statistical and numerical information, as well as your ability to make logical deductions.
  • Verbal reasoning tests – assess your ability to comprehend written information and to evaluate arguments about this information.
  • Inductive/logical reasoning tests – examine your ability to deal flexibly with unfamiliar information and to solve problems. These tests are intended to measure your capacity for conceptual and analytical thought.

Behavioural and Personality Tests

These are the most common CEB SHL behavioural and personality tests:

CEB SHL Tests by Level/Position

CEB's SHL produces dozens of different tests and each employer chooses the tests that best fit its hiring and selection needs. The specific tests you may need to take depend on your job level or the position for which you are applying. Find out how to prepare for CEB SHL tests for IT & computer support roles, administrative and clerical staff, and technical jobs, or continue reading to learn about the tests delivered to graduates, managers, and executives.

Graduate and Managerial Tests

If you are applying to a graduate/management job, you are likely to encounter a series of popular CEB SHL tests:

  • Verify tests – unsupervised tests sent via email, followed by short, supervised verification tests at the assessment centre or company offices.
  • Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB) tests – supervised tests taken at the assessment or testing centre; can be taken either online or on paper.

JobTestPrep's preparation packs are specifically designed to reflect graduate/management-level tests. We offer practice tests for each of the CEB SHL test types mentioned above. In addition, our packs include quality learning aids to ensure your success.

Senior Managerial Tests

Most senior managerial jobs require slightly different aptitude tests than those given for other standard jobs. JobTestPrep's online preparation packs not only allow you to practise these top tier tests in advance, but they also give you a chance to review basic concepts you may not have dealt with for years. We make sure to tailor our practice tests to reflect CEB's SHL test content and concepts.

Below are some unique CEB SHL senior managerial tests you may encounter during your selection process:

  • Verify tests - numerical, verbal, inductive, deductive, and spatial reasoning tests
  • Advanced managerial tests (AMT) – numerical analysis, numerical reasoning, verbal analysis, and verbal application tests


What Is CEB Talent Assessment?

CEB Talent Assessment is the new name given to the well-known talent measurement company SHL. SHL was a leading provider of psychometric testing and other assessment services. In 2012, it was acquired by the global advisory company CEB. Since this acquisition, CEB, as well as employers and recruiters, have gradually started to use the name ‘CEB’ to refer to SHL tests, often calling them ‘CEB SHL Talent Measurement tests’. The tests are now usually referred to as CEB tests. Some recruiters and employers, though, still call them SHL tests. (You might even encounter the name ‘Previsor tests’. Previsor was another provider of pre-employment screening tools and psychometric testing that merged with SHL in 2011.)

Are CEB Tests the Same as SHL Tests?

Yes. Despite the changes made to their name, SHL tests have not changed. In other words, it does not matter if your application entails taking a CEB Talent Assessment test or an SHL test. You will still be preparing for and completing the same test. For that reason, JobTestPrep's CEB SHL–style practice resources are relevant for you whether you need to sit an SHL or a CEB test.


More Information and Tips for CEB's SHL Tests

 JobTestPrep is not a part of CEB and/or SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.