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What You'll Get

  • 47 aptitude tests
  • Numerical reasoning - tables, graphs
  • Number Series
  • Verbal reasoning - true/false/cannot say
  • Spatial reasoning
  • A variety of checking tests - including computer checking
  • Diagrammatic reasoning and diagramming
  • Syntax-checking tests
  • Answers with complete explanations and solving tips
  • Video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions


These tests are a set of seven different assessments and can be used independently or as part of a more wide ranging assessment. These tests are used for almost every position in the IT world, including technical supporters, web developers, webmasters, programmers and network technicians.


Types of Abilities Assessed by the ITTS

As these tests are specifically designed for the IT world, therefore they are completely geared for this field. What this means is that even the numerical reasoning tests which may appear to be standard are specifically geared to the information technology sector.

These tests are designed to assess a candidate’s ability to:

  • Understand technical information presented in different forms
  • Understand the reasoning of different calculations
  • Check material quickly and accurately
  • Understand how to manipulate 3D shapes
  • Infer and apply rules within symbolic systems

SHL ITTS Test Types and Test Formats

When practising these tests it is important to ensure that you are practising the correct tests. Every single test and assessment is unique to the job specific field. As such, it is therefore necessary to ensure you practise the subject applicable test for you. We will go through each of the tests below.

  • Number Series (NIT2) - In this 15 minute test you have to recognise the relationship between numbers in a string. You will be given five different options to choose the answer from. This test is used to assess your high level numerical reasoning skills and is used in any IT position. Calculators are not permitted in this test.
  • Computer checking (CIT3) - This is a seven minute test where you will be given five strings of letters, numbers and symbols. Two of the five are the same and you have to discern which of the two are indeed so. This test is particularly relevant to data entry and programming positions.
  • Syntax Checking (CIT4) - Any person in a position that involves coding, software checking, and programming needs to be able to quickly determine if the syntax contains any errors that stop the program from functioning properly. It is this skill that is assessed in the Syntax checking test. You will be given a line of code and it is your job to ascertain if the line is correct according to three different rules. You have 10 minutes for this test.
  • Verbal Reasoning (VIT1) - In this test you will be assessed on your logical thinking ability level. You will be given a passage of information that is relevant to the IT world and you have to assume that the passage is correct. Based on the passage, you will be given a number of different statements and you have to determine if the statement is true, false, or impossible to say. What this means is that the statement is correct according to the passage, not on your knowledge. This test is designed to assess if the candidate can understand and interpret written material. This assessment lasts for 25 minutes.
  • Diagramming (DIT5) - In this test you will be presented with columns of figures in boxes. Following these boxes is a further shape in a circle which is essentially an instruction or operation that will take place in the next square (see illustration). You have to choose the column that represents the correct use of the operators.

SHL Test Diagramming DIT5 Example

  • Diagrammatic Reasoning (DIT6) - This test is similar in a way to the above Diagramming test. The circle with the symbol is the instruction for the next task. You will be given a flow chart with different circles and have to work out the next line in the sequence. This test is specifically used for positions that require an ability to systematically analyse and work out solutions for complicated problems. This test is 35 minutes in length.
  • Spatial Reasoning (SIT7) - In this test you will be given a variety of 2D shapes that you have to visualise into a three dimensional shape. For example, you will be given an unwrapped box and you have to visualise the shape transformed in a 3D shape. This test is used as an assessment for engineers, designers, and anyone working with graphics. This test is 20 minutes long.

Prepare for SHL ITTS

As with all psychometric tests, the ability to perform to your best is commensurate to the amount of practise you put in. Here at JobTestPrep, you can find all the practise materials to ensure you receive consistently high marks.

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