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Before the Assessment Centre - a Telephone Interview

If you have done well enough on KPMG's online tests you will be invited to take part in the KPMG telephone interview. This interview will last for about 45 minutes and will be with one of the members of the department where you applied to. It will assess your behavioural capabilities and this is done with both competency and scenario based questions. With regard to this telephone interview it is important to bear in mind that KPMG are looking for the key competencies that they are proud of.

The KPMG key competencies are:

  • Striving for continual improvement
  • Career motivation & Resilience
  • Collaboration & inclusion
  • Delivering quality
  • Demonstrating innovation and curiosity
  • The ability to show professional judgement
  • Showing how you can make an impact
  • Seizing business opportunities

Before the interview it is worthwhile to go through each of these KPMG key competencies and think of a way where you can bring these qualities both into a conversation and as part of an answer. For more information on how to best go about preparing for this telephone interview, click here.

The KPMG Immersive Assessment Centre

This is a whole day assessment centre which KPMG claims to be vastly different to any other assessment centre. However, many of the tasks you will be given on this day are not particularly different to the general guidelines of assessment days. Let us go through the day and see where we can help you put in a perfect performance.

Everything that goes on during the day will be based on a fictional organisation. This is different than other companies’ assessment days as it gives you a real chance to get to know this fictional company in a more real way thus simulating a real day of work at KPMG. Throughout the day, everything that you do will be based around this company.

Virtual Office Exercise

The first KPMG assessment centre challenge is the Virtual Office Exercise. This exercise is a form of the e-tray exercise that is used to assess your ability to make decisions under time constraints. You will be given a vast amount of information on a laptop such as emails, messages and other documents that need attending to. It is your job to analyse each of these pieces of information and assess its level of necessity. This task lasts for one hour.

Analysis Exercise

In the KPMG analysis exercise you will be given one hour to go through many different pieces of information about this fictional client. You will have to write a 1500 word report about a topic based on the information in your pack. This report will have to include information as to the current problems with the group. You will also have to detail recommendations for the future in order to increase profits and help the company run more smoothly. You have one hour for this exercise. Remember, to include the KPMG key competencies in your report. This is what they are testing you on so make sure to include them. Read more about the KPMG case study exercise, and prepare for your assessment with our new case study practice pack!

Simulated Meetings/ Role Play Exercise

In this section of the KPMG Immersive Assessment Centre you will have two simulated meetings one after the other. The first one will be with a client of this fictional company and the second will be with the manager of the department you are applying for.

With regards to the first meeting, you will be given a brief about this person who used to do business with you in a previous company but the relationship went sour for one reason or another. It is your job to convince this person that your company are fully professional and can provide the complete solution to the client. You will need to create a relationship with the actor as there is a residual bad feeling between the two of you. Therefore, you will need to do two things in this role play exercise. Firstly, you must create a relationship between the two of you and then establish why you are the best company for the job.

Following the first simulated meeting, you will then have to report to your boss the outcome of the meeting and go through what happened and how you can push things forward. For information on how to deal with role play scenarios click here.

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KPMG Final Interview

To be successful at the KPMG Immersive Assessment Centre you need to have shown ability in every one of the KPMG key competencies. If you have succeeded, you will be invited back to have a further interview. This will be with a director of your chosen area or perhaps with a partner of the firm. This is an in-depth interview. The interview will last for about an hour and if you are applying for the advisory area of KPMG you will be asked to prepare a presentation as well.

Some interview questions that you may be asked include:

  • Why KPMG?
  • What are your general career aims?
  • Talk about a recent news story that's had an impact on businesses?
  • How do you find the economic climate of UK?
  • If you were the Prime Minister, what would you do to save the economy?
  • What support do you expect to get from KPMG during your training period?

One very important thing to keep in mind here is that throughout the KPMG assessment centre you are being tested on the key competencies of KPMG. Therefore, it is important to not only know them inside out, but also to have examples of why you possess these competencies and can incorporate them into your work. Ultimately, this is where you will get the job or not. Everything in the KPMG hiring process, from the graduate program to the experienced professional is dictated by these key competencies.

With good preparation and well prepared answers you will be able to show your best. Good luck!

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