Hudson Verbal Reasoning Ability Test Preparation

The Hudson Verbal Reasoning Tests

The Hudson verbal reasoning test is one of the Hudson reasoning ability psychometric tests. Taken as a whole, these tests, verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, create a full picture of your skills, strengths and weaknesses. The verbal reasoning test looks at how well you can utilise written information that you receive as part of your day to day job, key skills in almost any job you may undertake. Read on for more information about the test itself and how to prepare for it with the resources available from JobTestPrep.

Hudson Verbal Reasoning Test Specifics

The Hudson verbal reasoning ability test comes in four different difficulty levels from blue collar worker to senior manager. The texts used in each test contain relevant information for the job level you are applying to. In this test you are given a short text to read (6 to 10 lines), and a question on what you have read. Unlike other psychometric tests you may take, in this test you are given an individual time allocation per question. This is complicated further as you are also given a new text to read and understand for each question. The questions are multiple choice asking you to choose the most relevant statement, or a statement that agrees with the text from a list of four options.

You are allocated 90 seconds for each question, which includes reading time. If you have not given an answer in that time the test will just move on, and you will have lost the opportunity to register an answer.

Hudson Verbal Reasoning Ability Test Practice

Taking practice tests will help you read texts quicker and learn to identify the key words and points as you go along. Answering questions in test conditions will also help you identify your solving strategy. Our verbal reasoning practice packs contain practice questions as well as tutorials and study guides to give you the best possible preparation for your tests. Preparing for all three Hudson reasoning tests? Read more about the numerical and abstract tests.

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