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What is the Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test

The Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test (n-rat 3r) presents you with complex data which you need to analyze quickly and accurately in order to select the correct answer to each question. Each question is timed individually, and you have a 90 second time limit per question. 

The n-rat 3r is used by some of the job-market's top employers in their recruitment process, including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and the European Commission. The Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test is tricky, but with good preparation it won't be what stands between you and a career with one of these top organizations. 


Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test Practice Questions and Answers

Below you will find several Hudson-style sample questions for additional practice. Try working out each problem prior to viewing the answers to get an understanding of your numerical abilities.

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 1


A. 4,983,250

B. 4,988,325

C. 4,983.25

D. 4,983

The answer is

A. 4,983,250

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 2


A. 8.4%

B. 6.18%

C. 3.15%

D. 31.5%

The answer is

B. 6.18%

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 3


A. 6,523

B. 6,523,000,000

C. 423,300,000

D. 4,233,000,000

The answer is

D. 4,233,000,000

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 4


A. 56,524

B. 45,624

C. 600,940

D. 626,960

The answer is

D. 626,960

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 5


A. 18,888

B. 1,889

C. 3,780

D. 15,119

The answer is

B. 1,889

Hudson N-RAT 3R Example 6


A. 5,339.351

B. 534,000,000

C. 51,517,300,000

D. 53,393,510

The answer is

D. 53,393,510


Free Online Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

Now that you've seen some sample questions, check out our timed Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test sample test. Our team of experts has created this short, free test that mimics the real Hudson assessment to give you an idea of what to expect. 

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  • Hudson Verbal Reasoning Ability Test - also frequently presented to candidates along with the n-rat 3r and the abstract reasoning test, this verbal reasoning test comes in four different levels and requires you to analyze complex written information, and glean what you need to select the correct answers. 

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Successfully Pass Your Hudson Numerical Test

Passing your Hudson numerical test doesn't need to be difficult. We offer the most comprehensive Hudson-style preparation materials available online. Improve your numerical abilities using our exclusive practice tests, study guides, video tutorials, and more. Know what to expect and succeed throughout the Hudson testing process by using our exclusive preparation materials.


Hudson Online Tests

Hudson is one of the most popular assessment test providers used by employers today. They provide a wide range of aptitude tests which are used for a variety of different positions and industries. The most popular Hudson tests include their abstract, numerical, and verbal reasoning tests. The purpose of each of these tests is to measure applicants in an array of skills necessary to perform in the role they have applied for. If you are applying for a role which requires a higher level of numerical ability, the best course of action would be to practice beforehand.

Why is the Hudson Numerical Test Used by Employers?

Online aptitude tests have become very popular over the years as they give insight into an applicant’s strengths, weaknesses and skill level. The purpose of the Hudson numerical reasoning test is to see how well you can interpret and use numerical data to answer the questions you are presented. The questions you will encounter on this test include those involving percentages, tables, and graphs.

Hudson Numerical Test Tips

Below you will find several tips for successfully passing your Hudson numerical reasoning test.

  • Practice. Practicing for this and any test prior to the day of is a great way to ensure your success. For this very reason, we have created an in-depth PrepPack™ stylized after the material you will find on the actual N-RAT 3R. By using our in-depth practice materials, you will be able to boost your confidence and chances of success. 
  • Manage Time. Time management is crucial when answering questions on this type of test. You will be given 90 seconds to answer each question individually. If you are unable to answer in the time allotted, you will be taken to the next question regardless of if you have answered the question or not. The best way to make sure that you can beat the clock and answer each question in time will be to practice. Our preparation materials were designed to help stimulate your learning process, thus increasing your speed and accuracy when taking this or any other test.
  • Relax. If you have given yourself time to practice for your test beforehand, you should be able to pass it without any difficulty. Practicing for your test will help you to familiarize yourself with the material, concepts, test structure and question style. This will, in turn, increase your ability to work through each problem quickly and accurately.


Prepare for the Hudson Test

We offer unique Hudson-style preparation packages to ensure that there will be no surprises come test day, regardless of your job level or field. Our full Hudson numerical test PrepPack includes answer explanations, study guides and more to ensure you are thoroughly prepared come test day.


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