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Edrington Hiring Process

The recruitment process can take time while applying to Edrington. Although there aren’t too many multiple parts to the application process, you likely will be invited to an assessment centre described below:

  • Submission - Online/Other: There are multiple ways to get on Edington’s radar. One way is by applying to their main website, another way is to enter your nearest facility and personally hand-in your CV or, many people have used a referral.
  • Pre-Employment Telephone Screening: It is likely that you will be called for a brief phone conversation to better assess if you fit the needs of the company.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Edrington takes its time accessing you. You can expect to have multiple interviews to fully analyze your personality and more. Don’t be surprised if you are called back to the main facility a few times.
  • Assessment Centre: It is probable that you’ll be asked to an assessment centre. On this day, you will find that the day is broken up into multiple parts. One part will be taking online examinations, another part will include group exercises such as role-playing, team-building and creating a pitch.

Edrington Interview Questions

Whether you are first starting off in the professional world or you have a long track record in your career, it always helps to have help when it comes to interviewing. Below are a few helpful questions you may encounter on your way to your new position with Edrington:

  • What makes you a good candidate for this position?
  • Describe a grave work situation when you had to do beyond the usual.
  • If you joined upper management, how would you make Edrington a more attractive work environment?

Edrington Jobs

Edrington has multiple locations throughout the world. Thus there is usually a constant steady flow of careers you can choose from. Below are a few possibilities:

Digital Project Manager: In this position, it will be your responsibility to operate and deliver digital projects. You will need to know various techniques and knowledge of technologies. You will also work in collaboration with other business and name-brands. Another duty will be identifying problems in the design and create solutions.

Data Intelligence Analyst: Here you will help create a positive environment for customers and help create solutions to try to bypass future negativity. Your responsibilities will include, looking over past sales, marketing and financial information; create tutorials on key systems that will be relevant to various divisions of Edrington and strategize better ways of marketing after conducting research.

National Brand Ambassador: Do you consider yourself good at engaging people and networking? Edrington might be looking for you. In this job, you act as the company’s marketing authority on various name-brands of their whiskey products. Additionally, you will help educate customers and help with their tasting experiences and be an event creator. Lastly, you will be involved with social media ads.

Edrington Subsidiaries
Brugal Cutty Sark International Ltd. EFME LIMITED
Highland Distillers The 1887 Company Limited The Glenrothes Distillery

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