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Prepare for the Eaton Hiring Process

Eaton is a power management company which provides energy-efficient solutions to help their customers manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power safely and efficiently. Eaton has about 96,000 employees and sells products in over 175 countries. Eaton offers leadership development programs and entry-level opportunities. They are a diverse organisation which values their employees' success.

The Eaton recruitment process includes:

Application: The Eaton application can be submitted online, with a recruiter, or through an employee referral. Applicants must also submit their CVs.

Telephone Interview: The first interview process may involve a phone call from an HR representative. These brief screening conversations allow companies to evaluate candidates’ skills and characteristics.

In-Person Interview: In-person Eaton interviews take place face-to-face, led by either a panel or just one employer. The interview process includes the Eaton assessment centre day, assessing one’s teamwork abilities and overall performance in a group interview.

Tests: Taking psychometric entrance exams includes aptitude tests which may be a part of the recruitment process. Eaton assessment tests help companies properly evaluate candidates’ cognitive abilities.

Eaton Aptitude Test Preparation

Job seekers may be invited to take certain pre-employment tests to consider how proficiently one can conduct numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning exams. The verbal reasoning tests assess one’s written and verbal comprehension. The numerical tests measure basic numerical and statistical understanding. The logical reasoning tests evaluate decision-making competences.

The situational judgement (SJT) and personality assessments are used to evaluate one’s behavioural tendencies and traits in workplace situations. These tests assess one’s response in many situations. Employers use the scores given to measure how well-matched one is for the job position.

Start Practising for the Eaton Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Eaton Interview Questions

Eaton interviews may be worrying and overwhelming, nevertheless, practising before and doing some research will help you improve your performance. Interview styles may differ, from competency-based to technical questions. Prepare for every conceivable Eaton interview question by practising with JobTestPrep.

Interview questions which may be asked are as follows:

  • Why Eaton?
  • What have you accomplished in the past that you are most proud of?
  • Tell me about a time you had to stand up for your opinion or something you believed in.
  • Describe a situation in which you improved the efficiency of a program you were working on.
Eaton Corporation Subsidiaries
Crouse-Hinds Company Cooper B Line Inc. Argo Tech Corp Stanley Aviation
Moeller Electric Corp Aeroquip-Vickers COOPER BUSSMANN INC. Integrated Hydraulics Ltd.


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