Saville Wave Personality Tests [2022] - Accurate Preparation


What is the Saville Wave Personality Test

The Saville Wave Personality Test provides your potential employer with an extensive amount of information about you, and the results will determine not only whether your application is accepted, but also how your employer perceives your leadership abilities, the most suitable role for you in the team, and many other factors. 

There are two versions of the Saville Wave Personality Test:

  • Wave Professional Styles - 216 items, takes approximately 40 minutes to complete
  • Wave Focus Styles - 72 items, takes approximately 13 minutes to complete 

Both versions are only available online and are sent by e-mail, and neither is limited in time. They include two types of questions:

  • The first type asks you to reply to statements using a 9-point scale ranging from “very strongly disagree” to “very strongly agree”. At this stage, you can reply as you see fit, with no restrictions, so you can reply to two statements with the same response.
  • The second type asks you to rate the statements which were rated equally in the first round again, to indicate which one describes or suits you better. This time you will be given four statements, and you will need to choose one that is "most like you" and another one that is "least like you". 

Employers often use a battery of Saville tests, and we offer accurate preparation for those as well:


Saville Wave Sample Questions

When taking either the Saville Wave Professional Styles test or the Saville Focus Styles test, it is very important to pay close attention to the phrasing of the question.

“Talent” questions will describe your qualities directly and are therefore usually phrased as “I am” in expressions such as “I am good at”. On the other hand, “Motive” questions will relate to the importance of a characteristic in your opinion, and they will usually be phrased as “I prefer” or using expressions such as “it is important to me”.

Sample items for measuring motive:
"I prefer to take the lead"
"It is important to me to know how well I have done"

Sample items for measuring talent:
"I am good at understanding how others feel"
"I am comfortable working alone"

The Talent & Motive method enables the employer to recognize a gap between your motive and your talent. It is normal to see some gaps in various facets, but the appearance of gaps that are too large in too many facets (especially those which fall under the same dimension) could be considered as problematic by the employer.

 Saville Wave Personality Test Tips

  • The Saville Wave is an online questionnaire that is usually sent to the applicant's home. Take all the time you need to fill in the questionnaire carefully and calmly.
  • The questionnaire provides the employer with a considerable amount of information that could have an impact beyond the current process and even determine future promotions. Therefore, pay careful attention to each question before answering.
  • When you fill in the questionnaire, pay close attention to the phrasing of the statements to determine whether they indicate Motive or Talent. Try to minimize the gaps between Motive and Talent questions in the same facet.

What Can Your Employer Learn About You with the Saville Wave Test

After taking the Saville Professional Styles the employer will receive 12 reports, and with the Saville Wave Focus Styles version, 9 reports.

If you are invited to a personal interview after filling in the questionnaire, you can be sure that the interview will be based on the results of your test. If you are given the position, the test results will also affect your progress in the company: whenever you are appointed to a specific team, before promotions etc.

The information produced in the results includes:

  • Detailed results of the aspects of your personality
  • Qualities to focus on in the interview
  • Leadership and development potential
  • How you function in a team
  • Style of work
  • Compatibility with the organization's culture and environment
  • Sales skills
  • Potential for initiating processes at work



The Saville Wave Personality Test In Depth


The theory which the questionnaire is based on is a hierarchal model, and at its top there are 4 clusters from which the qualities, characteristics and sub-characteristics branch:

4 clusters (Thought, Influence, Adaptability & Delivery)

12 sections (e.g. Delivery; Conscientious, Structured & Driven)

36 dimensions (e.g. Driven; Dynamic, Enterprising & Striving)

108 facets (e.g. Enterprising; Identify business opportunities, Sales oriented & Competitive)


Saville Wave Personality Test


In the long version of the questionnaire, each facet has two questions pertaining to motive and talent, for a total of 216 questions. In the short version each facet has two questions on motive and talent, for a total of 72 questions.


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