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Not sure which Thomas International test you have to take? If you have a cognitive test, then you’re probably looking for the GIA test. Personality test? That’ll be the PPA assessment or the HPTI test. If you have an emotional intelligence assessment – look here for the TEIQue test. 

Which Thomas International Test Are You Looking For?

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2. PPA Test 
TEIQue Test 
4. HPTI Test 

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GIA Test
General Intelligence Assessment

Thomas International Test


The Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is unlike most common psychometric tests, as it aims to assess your general intelligence, rather than your advanced subject-specific abilities (e.g. numerical, verbal, or abstract reasoning). 

To take an in-depth look at the Thomas GIA test, watch the following video:

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The goal of the Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is to predict how long you will take to adapt to a new regime when working in your desired job. Your cognitive abilities are also evaluated to assess your leadership skills and problem-solving capabilities. The exam questions are all on the same easy level of difficulty.

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The GIA's Test Structure

The GIA test consists of five different intelligence assessments sections:

  • Perceptual Speed SectionThis section measures your perception of inaccuracies in written material, numbers and diagrams. This test also assesses the ability to ignore irrelevant information, recognise similarities, locate differences and perform error-checking.
  • Reasoning SectionThis section measures your ability to make inferences and draw accurate conclusions regarding the information provided in the test.
  • Number, Speed & Accuracy SectionThis section measures your basic numerical reasoning ability.
  • Spatial Visualisation SectionThis section measures your ability to create and manipulate mental images of objects which are displayed on the exam.
  • Word Meaning SectionThis section evaluates your word and vocabulary knowledge by assessing how well you can find which word does not belong within a group of words.


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Thomas International PPA Test
Personal Profile Analysis


Thomas International Test Guide

The Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is an 8-12 minutes personality assessment. It provides employers with insight into your workplace behavioural patterns, such as your motivations, communication style, performance under pressure and so on.

Familiarising yourself with personality tests will help you understand which aspects of yourself need to be emphasised to portray your strengths. Read more about the Thomas International PPA test and learn how practising with JobTestPrep can improve your performance.

Thomas International PPA assessment measures 4 personality characteristics: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The four traits being assessed are represented by different words that you are asked to choose from during the test.


Top 5 Tips for the PPA Assessment

1. Carefully read through the test instructions: Before answering questions, make sure to read through the test instructions slowly and deliberately.

2. Identify words which fall under the four main desired traits: Some words presented in the PPA assessment correspond with the personality traits that the test aims to assess. When you consider the 4 desirable qualities listed above, try to choose words which match these traits.

3. Be consistent with your answers: The assessment may include similar questions which are posted in a different way to tell whether you are giving the answers that you think an employer wants to hear, or if you are being true to your character.

4. Consider the job position you are applying for: When answering test questions, try to consider the role you are looking to fill and what attributes your potential employer would be looking for in an employee.

5. Be yourself: Although you are being assessed on how well you fit the job position, you are also able to make sure the position is the right fit for you. Don’t give answers that simply aren’t a reflection of your personality, because at the end of the day, you want to succeed in the role you are placed in.

6. You are not only scored according to what you choose, but also according to what you DON’T choose.


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Thomas International TEIQue
Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

Thomas International Test Free Sample


The Thomas International Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue; pronounced as TQ) measures your ability to recognise and control your emotions, as well as deal with the emotions of others. The questionnaire includes statements regarding your responses to different situations, and your task is to rate how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement. This questionnaire usually takes about 25-35 minutes to complete.

Since emotional intelligence allows for self-awareness and adaptability, it is a desired and important trait for employees (and especially managers) to possess in any workplace. This questionnaire displays your communication abilities, your relationship management skills, and the way you deal with stress, conflicts, or any other challenges that may arise in a work environment.

How to Approach the Thomas International TEIQue Assessment?

The TEIQue is used to identify candidates who can thrive in any set of circumstances as well as those who are suited for management roles. For this reason, we advise you to consider the context of your life when answering each statement. Being aware of which aspects of your emotional intelligence are important in your work and personal life can help you determine which traits to emphasise.



Thomas International HPTI
The High Potential Traits Inventory

Thomas International Test Tips

The High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) assesses six key personality traits which influence the way you work. Preparing properly for this exam helps you gain insight into the desirable traits needed to obtain a senior leadership position. Each set of scores on the Thomas HPTI indicates a different leadership style tendency, so preparing for this test can help your self-development when aiming to reach your leadership potential.

What Skills Does the HPTI Test Measure?

The HPTI test evaluates test-takers on 6 main attributes which display their senior leadership capabilities. These traits are:

  1. Conscientiousness: Individuals who are more conscientious have higher levels of self-discipline and are more likely to make concrete plans, be self-motivated and be more driven towards success.
  2. Adjustment: People who possess higher adjustment scores show a tendency to remain calm during stressful situations.
  3. Curiosity: Being higher on the curiosity scale displays a desire for new experiences and learning, instead of using tried and tested methods.
  4. Risk Approach: Individuals who are more likely to take on risks are often more assertive when dealing with challenging situations and conflict.
  5. Ambiguity Acceptance: Those who possess high levels of ambiguity acceptance do well in complex and uncertain situations.
  6. Competitiveness: Those who show signs of competitiveness are usually more likely to work alone and enjoy being recognized and being in higher positions of power.

Thomas International Assessment Centre

In addition to the company's various aptitude and personality tests, Thomas International hosts numerous assessment centre days. The assessment centre is used in the course of the hiring process to make hiring decisions, and after during in-house training. Each evaluation used during the assessment centre stage helps employers assess different aspects of potential employees:

Thomas International Teams and Thomas Diagnostics – This assessment evaluates how well a certain group of people work together as a team.

Thomas International PAC – This assessment provides a more specific, personal evaluation of your talents, key behaviours and abilities as a worker. Its goal is to identify areas that need to be strengthened, people with leadership skills, etc.

Thomas International SaMb – This is a self-awareness and modifying behaviour workshop. It is meant to improve the way employees communicate with one another and adapt to different situations common to the office environment.

When practising for your upcoming Thomas International assessment centre, it is important to notice and accentuate your cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, and desirable characteristics. Your potential employers will be evaluating you based on your attitude as well as your performance during the assigned tasks, so being aware of your strengths beforehand can help you outdo the competition.


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Thomas International Test - FAQ

What is a Thomas International test?

Thomas International is a test provider which offers both personality assessments and intelligence tests. There are numerous types of Thomas tests, as well as over 100 different test categories found within their Thomas Skills test battery.

What is a GIA test?

The Thomas General Intelligence (GIA) test is used to evaluate candidates’ cognitive capabilities and general intelligence.

What is a PPA assessment?

The Thomas Personality Profile Assessment (PPA) is a brief questionnaire which poses questions reflecting various day-to-day work scenarios. Your answers are then assessed to predict your behavioural tendencies.

What Makes the GIA Test Unique?

The GIA test is different than other assessments because it puts an equal amount of importance on both speed and accuracy. In other tests, candidates may be required to finish the test before time runs out, but the GIA test measures how well one understands and retains information while also assessing the pace of their performance.

How is the GIA test scored?

The GIA test provides a report which is scored out of 100 and offers an estimate of test-takers’ general intelligence in regards to how well they mentally process information, concentrate, and respond to training.

What does DISC stand for in the Thomas profiling test?

DISC is a personality profiling tool which assesses test-takers’ Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These four factors predict one’s everyday behavioural tendencies.

What scoring method does the PPA test use?

The PPA test is an ipsative assessment, which means that it compares a test-taker’s test answers against their prior performance patterns. This test’s scoring method compares a candidate’s performance to themselves and not to other candidates.

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