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This PrepPack™ offers Saville-style Swift verbal, diagrammatic and numerical tests, SJT's, drills, guides and tutorials.

About BP

There are many possible areas of entry into the world of BP. There are around 300 places available on the various BP graduate schemes and many different professional positions offered on a rolling basis. There are also about 100 BP internship positions available throughout the year. Here we describe the BP hiring process for the graduate scheme and internships as they are the most extensive.

If you are applying for a professional role, you will have to complete the BP online application; If you are successful, you will be invited to either a telephone or face-to-face interview.


Boost Your Chances of Success

It is not easy to stand out from other job candidates during a pre-employment assessment, because applicants’ general professionalism is usually very high. If you want to be noticed by the BP employers, you need to outperform your competitors on your tests and interviews. Get our comprehensive practice materials and create a lasting impression on your recruiters.


The Different Opportunities at BP

There are 3 different graduate programmes, in which you can expect a highly rigorous level of competition for every single place. The different programmes are in Business and Trading, Engineering and Science. Each of these broad programmes has multiple areas of interest. In line with this, there is also an internship programme available in the same key areas as in the graduate programmes.

In addition, there is the Future Leaders Programme, or FLP, which requires applicants to have a postgraduate degree, as well as 3 years’ professional experience.

Aside from these positions, BP also offers school leavers a three-year A-level programme based in Canary Wharf, where you gain real experience in trading floor activities.

The BP Core Values

BP puts a focus on the following five values as a company. Throughout the application process, make sure to reference these values as much as possible.

  • Safety – BP is committed to doing the job in a safe and secure manner.
  • Respect – BP cares about the world around them and tries not to damage it. In addition, they are committed to diversity of people and thought.
  • Excellence – This not only applies to the work that BP does, but also to keep on improving the methods of work.
  • Courage – This is often a dangerous line of work, which requires courage to follow through on decisions. Working for BP means not being afraid to ask for help as well.
  • One team – BP work together as a team for every project, as every person brings something different to it.

To increase your chances, read through the job description very carefully and try to integrate the mentioned qualities in your answers.

BP Application Form

The BP online application form contains standard application details for you to complete, as well as information about your personal work experience. If you are applying for a BP graduate scheme, there is also a section on the BP values. If you are applying for a professional position, you will be asked to answer job-specific questions in order to find out if you have the correct knowledge required for the applied position. When answering these questions, it is very important to be able to stress your motivation for working for BP. Use the STAR method for answering your questions in order to give a full impression of yourself. Moreover, tailor your answers to not only be completely truthful, but also to have the right motivations and skills behind them.

BP Online Tests

The BP online aptitude tests are provided by the Saville Consulting group and are known as analysis aptitude tests. There are 3 tests included: Numerical, verbal and abstract/diagrammatic reasoning. You will probably only take one or two of these tests, depending on the scheme you are applying to. You have 6 minutes to complete each section of the test.

Numerical Reasoning Test

In the numerical section, you are presented with a variety of different source materials in the form of tables and graphs. You are given a verbal question based on this information. From the information given in the question, you have to extract the correct, relevant numerical information; Use it along with the information in the tables and graphs to answer the question. There are 5 different answer options and you have to select the correct one. You are expected to know how to use a calculator in order to answer the questions correctly. The questions often centre around the setup of different sections of a company.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal section of the BP online test assesses different abilities in various ways, including the ability to understand word meanings, comprehend text and make verbal inferences. You are given a paragraph of information which you have to understand and analyse and afterwards answer a number of questions relating to the passage.

Abstract and Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Some candidates may be asked to take a diagrammatic test. In this test, you are presented with a sequence of different images or matrices that have a particular relationship. You have to find the pattern and use it to discern the next step in the sequence. There are a number of different possibilities to choose from and you have to click on the one you think follows the pattern. There are a number of different rules that govern these tests and learning what they are and how they are manifested in the tests help you to increase your performance level. This section can be difficult and it’s a good idea to practice it beforehand. 

BP Interviews

If you successfully pass the online tests, there are 2 interviews that you can expect from BP, the BP telephone interview and the BP technical interview. Each of these assesses a different skill set needed for the job. Some candidates have both and some have one, depending on the role. Get ready for your interview with the comprehensive interview PrepPack™.

BP Telephone Interview

The BP telephone interview is a motivational interview which focuses on your personal attributes and experiences. The interview is scheduled at your convenience so be sure to pick a quiet place and time. The assessors want to know exactly what attracted you to apply for this position and your answers should reflect the key values of BP. In addition, you will be asked a few competency questions to help the company get a full picture of you. Before the interview, think about the BP key values and examples of when you have exemplified each. A great way to structure your answers is by thinking about the situation, task, action and result, or STAR method. 

BP Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work for BP?
  • Have you applied to any other companies?
  • What goals have you set for yourself and have you achieved them?
  • How have you dealt with a conflict within a team?

BP Technical Interview

In addition to the telephone interview, you may be invited to a BP technical interview which takes place in one of the BP offices.

The technical interview is about an hour and a half long. It is conducted by two BP employees, one of whom is a manager of the relevant division you are applying for. You will be asked many different questions relating to the relevant position and you will have to show your knowledge of the subject. As some of the questions require calculations, you are given time to think about your answers during the interview. Remember to review the BP key values beforehand. If you really want to impress the assessors, you need to wow them with your skills.

Group Exercise

During the evening event, you are split into groups of four and you will work with this group throughout the following day. In the BP assessment centre, there are three different group exercises to go through. Each exercise relates to something that could happen on the actual job you are applying for. For example, you may have to do an analysis of a new possible site for mining oil. You are expected to solve the issues presented in the exercise as a team and it’s important during these exercises to show off your teamwork skills, making yourself heard but not overpowering your group. Note that staying silent is not an option either. 

The BP Case Study and Presentation Exercise

In this individual task, you are given 3 different business strategy options on how to complete a certain task. You are then given about 80 minutes to go through all the material concerning the task and work out an answer with justifications for your decision.

You then present your decision to a BP manager and answer questions on your findings in a 15-minute presentation. Following your presentation, you can expect questions from the assessors. Make sure to prepare yourself for this; Think about possible questions that you might be asked in order to prepare solid and justifiable answers. Moreover, you may be forced into a corner in the ensuing discussion. If this happens, remember that one of the values of BP is courage. Admit that you have made a mistake and ask, “So what do you think is the best solution?” This shows that you are always willing to admit that you have made a mistake and that you are results-oriented, which is another one of BP’s values. Learn how to prepare for a case study and give a great presentation with our preparation materials.

The BP Reflective Review

The BP reflective review is a chance for you to go over the tasks of the assessment day with one of the BP managers. You may have already spoken to this manager in your telephone or technical interview. This is the final task of the day and it is more of an informal chat than a real task. The manager wants to know where you enjoyed the day most and where you found it difficult. This is the final impression you make with BP before receiving an offer, so make sure you come out on top. It’s also your last chance to ask any questions you might have about the company and position.

Prepare for Success

BP is one of the largest energy providers not just in the UK but throughout the entire world. In order to get a prized position there, you need to show that you have all the skills required as well as the competencies expected of you. We have helped countless people harness their potential to be great employees by helping them successfully pass the recruitment process. We hope you have found this article informative and helpful and we look forward to helping you too land your dream job.

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