Swift Comprehension Aptitude Practice Tests

In order to understand the nature of these tests, let's first understand the meaning of the terms:

Swift – Saville Consulting's entire range of online, unsupervised test batteries that are sent to candidates as part of the preliminary application process. This suite is similar to SHL Verify series in terms of its objectives, which are providing employers a fast and efficient screening method of their candidates.

Comprehension – a general name given to the level of tests used with the following industries and roles: Service Sector Apprentices, Operational, Commercial, Customer & Administrative Staff.

Those invited to sit an online Swift Aptitude Test would be asked to complete three short tests:

Saville Verbal Comprehension Test

Short passages taken from manuals, newspapers and magazines are followed by questions in the style of:

  • Which one of the following would best replace the word __ while maintaining the meaning of the passage?
  • Which one of the following is not mentioned in the passage as....

The short online version will include 8 questions to solve in 4 minutes. The long, supervised version (taken at the assessment centre as a verification step) will last 16 minutes and will include 32 questions.

Saville Numerical Comprehension Test

Tables and charts including numerical data will be displayed and questions will demand basic arithmetic operations (multiplication, subtraction, division and addition) together with percentage and ratio calculations. Calculators are allowed.

Saville Error Checking Test

In these tests, your speed and accuracy skills are in the spotlight. You need to decide whether two columns or rows of numbers and letters contain errors or not.

The short online version includes 8 questions in 1.5 minutes. the long supervised version is 6 minutes long and includes 32 question items.

In summary, the swift comprehension test is 8.5 minutes long and includes 24 questions.

Practice with JobTestPrep

Unlike in the past, today psychometric assessment companies admit that practicing these tests in advance could help the candidate. This is where we come in handy. The above package contains tailored practice materials for Saville Swift and non-Swift Comprehension aptitude tests.

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