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What Is an Apprentice Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test measures intelligence, knowledge, or skills. The purpose of this test is to assess whether you have the skills needed for your desired job. The most common types of aptitude tests are verbal aptitude, numerical aptitude, and abstract reasoning. Aptitude tests are usually timed, and the questions on the test are usually relevant to the job that you are applying for. They are also usually taken on a computer, but you may also find that you are asked to take a second test on paper at an assessment centre.

Aptitude tests are part of a wider grouping of psychometric tests which also include personality tests, situational judgement tests, written tests, and more. 

There are many different companies that give apprenticeships with different organisations. One of the biggest is Gen2, which you can read about and prepare for on our dedicated page. There, you will learn about the many different positions they offer, as well as gain an understanding of the tests you need to prepare for and pass.

Aptitude Tests for Apprentices

This section introduces some of the more common aptitude tests for apprentices that you may come across in your application process:

  • Verbal Reasoning Test – You need to use English in all jobs. However, the level of English understanding you need is dependent on the job. On this test, you may be asked to answer questions about a passage of written text, fill in missing words, or correct sentences.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test – Apprenticeship math tests examine your ability to work with numbers, from basic mental arithmetic to identifying information from a wider piece of data.
  • Abstract Reasoning Test – Abstract reasoning tests assess your reasoning skills without words or numbers.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test – This test measures how well you understand basic mechanical principles (a bit like physics), as well as how they are applied to gears, levers, or simple structures.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Test – This test examines how you apply a set of drawn rules from one scenario to another.
  • Spatial Reasoning Test – This test looks at how well you can visualise shapes and the relationship between different views of the same shape.
  • Error Checking Test – This test examines how good you are at checking over material, comparing information, and spotting mistakes.
  • Personality Test – This test gives employers a feel for how well your personality and work values fit the job description and the company's values.
  • Situational Judgement Test – This test looks at how you respond to scenarios that could happen in your day-to-day work life.

Modern Apprenticeships Aptitude Tests

Modern Apprenticeships is the Scottish Government's apprenticeship scheme. There are over 25,000 positions available each year, in 70 different areas, and with a wide range of local employers.

Higher, Advanced, and Intermediate Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships UK offers several different levels of apprenticeships, across many different professions, in both England and Wales. Each apprenticeship is different and unique to the employer, as are the entrance requirements. Many of the apprenticeships in these sectors require you to take aptitude tests.


Apprenticeships by Sector

The combination of apprenticeships and tests you can expect to take when applying for them are too numerous to list. In this table, we look at just some of the apprenticeship sectors offered by Apprenticeships UK, a sample of the tests that you may be asked to sit, and examples of employers who offer apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Sector Aptitude Tests Employers
Construction, Planning and the Built Environment Numerical
Arts, Media and Publishing Verbal
Business Administration and Law Numerical
Lloyds Banking Group
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Numerical
Situational judgement
British Gas
Jaguar Land Rover
Selex ES
Tata Steel
Mercedes Benz
Retail and Commercial Enterprise Numerical
Situational judgement
Health, Public Services and Care Personality
Situational judgement
Brunel Care
Information and Communication Technology Numerical IBM

Engineering Apprenticeship Aptitude Tests

One of the most common sectors with an aptitude test is the engineering apprenticeship. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, these tests may include English (verbal reasoning), math (numerical reasoning), physics, or mechanical reasoning tests.

Test Providers and Apprentice Test Packs

Apprentice aptitude tests are usually designed by a test provider. Some of the main testing companies have created their own apprenticeship aptitude test packs. Here are some of the specialist tests from three of the main assessments companies:

  • CEB's SHL – CEB's SHL offers a range of tests for entry-level positions, as well as apprenticeship aptitude tests. The Verify Calculation test is a math-based test suitable for administrative and clerical type jobs. The Verify Checking test measures how well you compare information. The Verify Mechanical Comprehension test is used for production, manufacturing, or engineering-related apprenticeship schemes.
  • Saville Consulting – The Swift Apprentice Aptitude pack is aimed at operational, technical, engineering, manufacturing, and construction apprentices. This pack contains verbal comprehension, numerical comprehension, error checking, spatial, mechanical, and diagrammatic aptitude tests. The Swift Comprehension aptitude pack is aimed at operational, commercial, and customer service apprentices. Applicants for certain other professions, such as law, legal services, or accountancy, may sit the Saville Swift Aptitude test.
  • cut-e – cut-e has developed a set of psychometric tests for trainee and apprenticeship jobs. Aptitude tests from cut-e include mathematical thinking and numeracy, literacy, deductive reasoning, short-term memory, spatial thinking, and mechanical and technical understanding. cut-e also provides other psychometric tests, including  personality tests and situational judgement tests.


Prepare for Apprentice Aptitude Tests

Preparing for aptitude tests is the best way to make sure you get the score you need for your apprenticeship. Practice is important as it helps familarise you with the content of the exam, in addition to allowing you to sharpen your skills.

Always try to prepare with the practice tests closest to the ones you will take on exam day. For example, if you know that your test is provided by CEB's SHL, try one of our SHL–style practice packs. The clue to finding this information is usually on the invitation for the test(s) and sometimes in the link for the test itself.

We offer a range of practice packs that can help you prepare for your tests. Find out more about our operational support preparation pack, our technical test battery pack, and our verbal and numerical reasoning packs on our site. Let JobTestPrep help you prepare for your engineering apprenticeship aptitude tests.

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