Aldi Assessment Centre Preparation

This PrepPack™ includes case studies, interviews, group, role play and in-tray exercises. In addition to the exercises, you will find countless pdfs to further amplified the 'need to know', getting you on board before the interview date.

Aldi Information

For many candidates, the Aldi assessment centre is the second stage in the Aldi hiring process. After submitting your application, you will be contacted by Aldi to set up an assessment day. 


The first activity of the assessment day is an icebreaker. In a large group, candidates will have to introduce themselves in a 5-minute presentation. This is your first chance to meet the other candidates and to impress the assessors, so make sure you come prepared with what you want to say. Get tips and practise your presentation skills to make an excellent first impression.

Aldi Group Exercise

In this exercise, candidates are split into groups and given a topic to discuss with a group. You are encouraged to come up with a resolution. One subject that is often picked in Aldi group exercises involves a scenario where you survive a plane crash. Groups may be asked to debate what items they would take from the plane following the crash and rank the items according to necessity. Assessors are especially interested in those showing leadership skills, such as leading the discussion - but not in an overbearing way. Also taking notes or summing up the group's discussion is a good idea. Aldi emphasises group exercise as it is a good indicator of your leadership and teamwork skills. Make sure to impress the assessors by practising group exercises beforehand.

Aldi Aptitude Tests

Candidates for area management, industrial placement and store management will have to take two Aldi aptitude tests during the assessment day. These tests include numerical and verbal reasoning and are the same tests used for graduates and apprentices.

Aldi Personality Test

All applicants at the assessment day will need to sit the Aldi personality test. The purpose of the test is to determine if your personality profile matches the personality profile required for the job. The Aldi personality test contains a series of questions or statements where you must rank yourself on a 1-10 scale. The key to succeeding on a personality test is to answer the questions that match the Aldi profile. Get to know as many personality questions as possible so you can succeed during the assessment day by practising personality tests.

Q&A Session

The last part of the assessment day is a question and answer session with a panel of Aldi recruiters and employees. This session takes place for each group of candidates separately. During the session, you will be able to ask about the job and the Aldi working environment. The panel will also ask questions about the company and it is very important that you make yourself heard at this stage. Candidates who speak up and answer questions are more likely to advance to the next stage than those who sit quietly.


Prepare for an Aldi Assessment

Aldi looks for candidates who are hardworking and committed to the company. They receive thousands of applications each year and competition for positions is high. In order to distance yourself from other applicants, preparing in advance is a must. Leaving ample time to prepare for the assessment process will build your confidence on test day and will improve performance at the Aldi assessment day. Our assessment centre practice pack, available on this page covers every part of the assessment process. Start studying now and assure your future career.



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