CEB's SHL-Style Non Verbal Practice Tests: Inductive, Diagrammatic, Spatial and Checking

Prepare for various types of SHL non verbal tests with hundreds of practice questions. Save money and get an extended licence period!

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  • 49 non-verbal reasoning tests!
  • 11 inductive Reasoning tests + 6 extra tests
  • 12 spatial abilities tests
  • 10 diagrammatic reasoning + diagramming tests
  • 4 fault finding tests
  • 12 checking tests
  • Detailed explanations | Solving tips | Score reports
  • Extended licence period
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  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
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  • Job levels: General Staff; Graduate/MGMT; Senior MGMT 
  • Styles: SHL; Kenexa; Talent Q; Saville; cut-e; Cubiks; Pearson & MORE. 

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  • 37 numerical tests + 8 numerical drills
  • 21 verbal tests + 4 reading comprehension tests
  • 11 logical/inductive tests + 6 extra tests
  • 13 deductive reasoning tests
  • 9 mechanical tests
  • 10 diagrammatic reasoning + diagramming tests
  • 12 spatial abilities tests
  • 3 computer and checking tests
  • 14 video tutorials & 9 study guides
  • A Financial Terms guide and practice drill covering profit, tax, inflation, stocks, and more!
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Who can benefit from this pack?

This pack was designed to help you prepare for a wide range of CEB’s SHL non verbal reasoning tests. The practice materials included in the pack are of varied difficulty levels and cover different abilities and reasoning skills:

Inductive reasoning  A highly important skill for numerous roles and job levels, and especially for jobs requiring strong logical reasoning skills. SHL’s inductive reasoning test is very popular amongst employers, and is often delivered to candidates applying to graduate-level and managerial roles (candidates for other job levels may also have to take it). In the test, you are presented with a row of objects. Your task is to identify the pattern behind the series and to choose the object that comes next in the series. Our pack includes SHL-style practice questions and a video tutorial which demonstrates logic patterns commonly seen on next-in-series tests.

Spatial abilities – The ability to visualise and manipulate two and three dimensional shapes is important for candidates applying for an engineer, mechanic or pilot position, or for any other job that requires spatial abilities. Our practice tests include a mixture of question styles that can help you strengthen your spatial abilities.

Diagramming and Diagrammatic reasoning The ability to follow complicated rules systematically and to analyse complex systems, which is crucial for IT roles. In these tests you are presented with a series of operators and their outputs, and your task is to either follow the rules given to you or to infer the rules and to apply them to new situations. With the help of our practice tests, you can get to know these unique tests and improve you logical and symbolic reasoning skills.

Fault Finding – The ability to locate errors in a system of symbols. This ability is particularly relevant for candidates applying for technical jobs involving electronics fault finding, debugging of software, system design, or monitoring systems.

Checking skills – The ability to check different modes of information quickly and accurately. SHL offers several types of checking tests depending on the job to which you are applying. Our pack offers a clerical checking and basic checking tests (important for administrative, support and technical jobs), as well as a computer checking and syntax checking tests (relevant for programming, QA, and other IT roles).

We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming assessment!


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