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Why Numerical Reasoning Tests?

Many accountancy firms place high emphasis on your numerical reasoning skills because of the obvious links to accountancy. Therefore, you need to ensure that you're fully prepared for your accounting aptitude test.

As an accountant, you must be able to use numerical information to do your job. You must also have good analytical skills.

To successfully navigate an accountancy numerical reasoning test you need to be able to extract details from the information presented and convert it into a solution, in a very short time frame.

What Is on an Accountant Numerical Reasoning Test?

Like accountancy, the numerical reasoning test is not about how well you can complete an algebraic equation. Instead, it is about how well you can analyse numerical information to come to a conclusion. However, you will need to brush up your basic maths in order to answer the questions. On this test you are usually given less than a minute to answer each question, so speed and accuracy are also important elements of the test.

The accountancy numerical reasoning test presents you with numerical information in a chart, table, graph, a balance sheet and more. In order to answer questions, you may need to make calculations including percentages, currencies, ratios, fractions and more. In some cases, you may need to make more than one calculation per answer. You may usually use a calculator for any online accountancy numerical reasoning tests.

Accountancy numerical reasoning test questions will focus on topics relevant to you. Some of the topics you will encounter include: general information, everyday economic data, company profits and losses, inflation, currency conversions and costs, for example - production or transport costs. You do not need to have any formal university knowledge for these topics (for example, macro or microeconomics).

How Does Preparation Help?

Taking practice tests ahead of an accountancy numerical reasoning test offers several benefits for you, ultimately leading to a better overall score.

  • You will gain familiarity with the type of test and how to answer the questions, making you quicker and more efficient at working them through.
  • You will be able to identify which are your weaker points and work on them leading to a better score.
  • Practice makes you more confident overall.

What Other Accountancy Aptitude Tests Are There?

  • Verbal reasoning tests - This test examines your ability to extract written information from a text and use it to answer questions.
  • Inductive reasoning tests - Non-verbal tests, also known as abstract or diagrammatic reasoning tests, examine your ability to identify patterns through logical thinking.
  • Situational judgement tests - This test assesses your responses to situations in your everyday job. These are often tailored to the competencies of the company and measure your fit to the values they require.
  • Personality tests - These tests take a look at you, your motivations and your work style.
  • In-tray tests - These tests examine how you prioritise and manage tasks.

Some Accountancy Firms and Their Tests

Most accountancy firms will ask you to take an accountancy aptitude test. These tests are provided by several testing companies, who are all well represented in accountancy firm tests. In addition to the “big 4”, other accountancy firms also use aptitude tests as part of their recruitment.

Big 4 Company Testing Company Test Types
cut-e (some jobs only)
Numerical Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Inductive Reasoning Test
Personality Test
Deloitte Pearson TalentLens Numerical Test
Critical Thinking Test
Ernst & Young Saville Numerical Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Diagrammatic Test
SJT (strengths assessment)
KPMG Cubiks Numerical Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning Test

Other Companies & Tests

Company Tests
BDO Stoy Hayward Numerical and verbal reasoning tests from CEB's SHL
Baker Tilly Numerical and verbal reasoning tests from CEB's SHL
Grant Thornton Numerical and verbal reasoning tests from Kenexa
Mazars Numerical and verbal reasoning tests from Kenexa
Smith and Williamson Numerical and verbal reasoning tests from CEB's SHL
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