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The Schroders PrepPacks

The application process for all Schroders positions can be a challenge. But practising beforehand is the key to overcoming the difficulties and JobTestPrep’s tailored tests and preparation packs help you every step of the way. JobTestPrep created the materials you will need to get your Schroders internship or Schroders graduate position. 

Schroders Application

The first step on the path towards a coveted spot on any of the programmes is to complete an online application form. You should tailor your CV to the Schroders core values. You need to provide your basic details, contact information and work or academic history, after which you have a number of open-ended questions where you need to provide full answers. These questions alternate between technical and competency-based and very much rely on your ability to resonate with the company’s core values. Some examples of these long answer assessment questions include:

  • Name a successful business and explain why is it successful and what are some of the challenges it might face down the road.
  • When has your ability to communicate effectively with either a group or an individual had led to a successful result?
  • Why do you want a career in the business area which you’re applying to?

Schroders Core Values  

  • Excellence: Strive to always provide the best possible service to the company’s clients. Schroders’ employees are expected to always go that extra mile and exceed expectations.
  • Teamwork: Working effectively as a team helps finish tasks sooner and contributes to the development of both the employees themselves and the work methods utilised by Schroders.
  • Passion: Schroders firmly believes that the people who make up a company, make the company. Passionate, enthusiastic and driven people are integral to the growth of a company and its workers.
  • Integrity: This firm holds the belief that security, transparency and honesty are among the most valuable characteristics a business can possess, especially one that handles other people’s finances and assets.
  • Innovation: As a company that is constantly geared toward the future, Schroders is searching for creative, multi-faceted and open-minded people to join its ranks and bring about the next big change within the firm.

Schroders Online Tests

Applicants who have impressed on the application form are asked to undertake two tests provided by CEB SHL. These ability tests include a numerical reasoning test and an inductive reasoning test.

Schroders Numerical Test 

The numerical reasoning test is difficult as you are required to interpret, calculate and extract relevant information from numerical data presented in tables and charts. The test is timed at 20 minutes in which you need to answer 18 questions. It is therefore vital to work quickly through the questions. Find out how to save time while still getting the answers correct with the help of our CEB SHL-style numerical reasoning tests and video tutorials.

Inductive Reasoning Test 

The inductive reasoning test, also known as logical reasoning, is tricky because it evaluates your cognitive abilities without relying on numerical data or written passages. In the test, you are shown a series of shapes fitting a certain pattern. You need to analyse the shapes to determine the pattern and then select the answer option that best fits the pattern you have found. Inductive reasoning tests may seem intimidating but by preparing with our tailored SHL-style inductive reasoning practice tests, you can master this assessment.


Schroders Numerical Test Practice and More

Practice is the greatest precursor to success when faced with the Schroders numerical and inductive reasoning tests. JobTestPrep offers a variety of highly comprehensive practise materials and study guides to ensure that you are always one step ahead. Familiarise yourself with the Schroders numerical and inductive reasoning tests today and naturally come out on top!


The Schroders Video Interview

If you have done well on the aptitude tests you will receive an invitation to an online video interview to be completed in your own time. Video interviews differ from regular interviews in the sense that your answers are recorded via webcam and are reviewed by a senior member of the company only later. The Schroders video interview comprises of 6-8 questions which include a mix of firm-oriented, business-oriented, and competency-based questions. You are given two minutes to read each question and think of your answer and then an additional two minutes to record your answer - accumulating to a total of between 25-40 minutes for the whole interview. Additionally, there is a practice section to allow yourself to familiarise with the concept of video interviews, which you may redo until you feel confident enough for the real thing. At the end of the interview, you have two more minutes to add anything else you want to say. Practice with JobTestPrep's resources to impress your interviewer.

Tips for Schroders Video Interview

  • Make sure the lighting and sound are good. Also, make sure that your face is completely visible. It would be a pity to fail the video interview over technical issues.
  • The questions are timed to precisely two minutes. Practise timing what you have to say in front of a camera a few times before taking the actual test so you won’t overrun it in the interview.
  • The interview includes competency-based questions. This is another excellent opportunity to demonstrate your passion for the asset-management world in general and working with Schroders in particular.
  • As hard as it may seem at first, make sure you’re looking at the camera and not the screen when doing the interview. This might feel awkward at first but practice does make perfect.

Schroders Interview Questions

  • Does luck have anything to do with investment decisions and judgement?
  • What are your interests? How do you pursue them?
  • What does Schroders Compliance Department do?
  • How do you know you have sufficient information to make a good investment?
  • If you had a pension fund, would you invest in stocks or bonds? Why?
  • Give an example of a time when you had to make a decision about something you were uninformed about. What was the outcome of your decision? 

Assessment Centre for Schroders Applicants

The Schroders assessment centre is unique in the sense that it differs depending on the job you’re applying for. All jobs contain a competency-based interview with either a member of HR, a manager from your designated business unit or a senior executive within Schroders. Other activities at the assessment centre might include a technical interview with a coding exercise, a group exercise, a presentation and a case study.

Candidates who have passed the assessment centre are invited to one final interview at Schroders’ offices. This interview is conducted by senior members of the business area you’re applying for and is designed to get to know you better and familiarise with your train of thought. It contains competency-based questions as well as questions about your personal life and about the programme you’re applying for. Feeling nervous about this last step in the application process? Schedule a time for an interview preparation session with one of our trained assessors to get your interview skills into shape.

Schroders Careers

Schroders is one of the largest British asset-management companies, employing more than 3,500 employees in over 35 countries around the world. Schroders currently offers positions for graduates, interns and trainees and the recruitment process is similar for all three positions. We go through the application stages below along with how you can prepare with the help of materials from JobTestPrep.


Graduates Internship Trainee
Online Tests  
Video Interview
Assessment Centre  


Note that candidates applying to a technologically-oriented scheme can expect to face technical questions in every step of the process, including the application form and the various interviews.

Schroders Graduate Scheme & Internships

Schroders Internships


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