Hudson Numerical Reasoning Ability Test Preparation

The Hudson numerical reasoning test is one of the three Hudson reasoning tests, alongside the abstract and verbal reasoning tests. This test assesses your ability to draw conclusions from numerical information, key skills needed in many jobs. Learn more about the specifics of this test, gain tips, tricks and practice with our Hudson numerical reasoning practice pack.

All About Hudson’s Numerical Reasoning Ability Test

The Hudson numerical reasoning test comes in four levels, from operational workers to senior managers. The questions in each test use numbers and figures that are realistic for the level of test you are taking.

In this test you are given numerical information in tables or graphs and asked questions on the information. The questions are assessing your ability to draw conclusions from the numerical information. Each question is multiple-choice, and requires you to make a series of calculations in order to identify the correct answer from four choices. Each set of information may be used for one or more questions. A calculator is provided on the screen for you to make your calculations, and you are recommended to have paper and pen handy in case you need them.

Each question is individually timed, and you are given 90 seconds per question. Once the 90 seconds are up you will be taken to the next question whether you have answered the question or not.

Hudson Numerical Reasoning Test Preparation

Practice is the key to getting a good score on this test. By taking practice tests you learn what you need to do to answer questions, you sharpen your skills, and become more confident, enabling you to answer more questions correctly. Our Hudson numerical reasoning preparation pack give you all the practice you need for this test.

Want to get a taster of Hudson numerical reasoning test questions? Try out the free questions on the following page.

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