EPSO Administrator Level Numerical Test Practice

What You'll Get

  • 9 EPSO administrator level styled tests
  • Additional online numerical tests and drills
  • 200+ practice questions with full explanations
  • Percentages, averages, ratios, currency exchanges, financial concepts 
  • Data analysis - tables and graphs
  • Smart score reports - constantly updated and standardised
  • Tests are in English
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access and practice 24/7


Each question on the EPSO AD numerical reasoning test focuses on a statistical table that covers a particular subject, for example GDP levels for a particular country. The tables are varied with some being highly detailed and others less so. In general, you need to use a number of different data items in the table to calculate the correct answer. Keep reading as we go through an example question and give you important tips and guidance to you’ll perform well in your EPSO tests.

  • Number of questions: 10
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Pass mark: 50% (but really you need to get at least eight questions correct)
  • Skills needed: Ability to work with ratios, percentages and the four basic numerical functions.

How can we help you succeed?

Every question in our EPSO training preparation pack includes a full explanation explaining both the question being asked, what it requires of you and a detailed “working out” process clearly outlined to give you full understanding of the steps you need to take to succeed. Notwithstanding our high quality tests, we also provide tutorials for all the main functions used in the tests, particularly in the use of calculators in the most time efficient way and how to calculate percentages and ratios.   

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