EPSO Administrator Pack - Practice for EPSO Tests

What You'll Get

  • 4 Epso-Style Numerical Reasoning tests - AD Level + 9 numerical extra drills
  • 3 Epso-Style Verbal Reasoning tests - AD Level+ 3 verbal extra drills
  • 7 Epso-Style Abstract Reasoning tests - AD Level + 8 abstract extra drills
  • 3 Epso-Style Accuracy and Precision tests + 3 extra accuracy drills
  • 3 Epso-Style Prioritising and Organising tests
  • 3 Situational Judgment Tests + 2 guides
  • A case study exercise for the public sector + a study guide and solution
  • 6 assessment centre exercises and guides, covering group dynamics and role playing
  • 17 study guides and video tutorials


JobTestPrep's EPSO Administrator Pack is a collection of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning Epso-style tests which have been designed to help you prepare for your assessment for a position at the EU. These particular tests have been prepared for those who are applying for administrative positions.


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