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What is the British Airways Online Assessment? 

British Airways uses ability and behavioural assessments provided by Sova for screening. If you are applying to British Airways, you may face any combination of the following: BA Numerical reasoning test, BA verbal reasoning test, BA checking test, situational judgment test, and a Fly Test.

Since Covid-19, these tests are administered online, although you may be asked to retake them live on the BA Assessment Day. 

The various British Airways Tests are included in our British Airways practice pack, except for the BA Fly Test. To know exactly which of the British Airways Assessments you will be taking - take a close look at your test invitation, and contact us to help clear any possible doubts.

The purpose of these assessments is to show BA that you possess the fundamental cognitive skills that are crucial to a pilot, like spatial awareness, multi-tasking, hand-eye coordination, and mental maths. 

Let’s briefly go over them. Choose a tab to read about and practice for that test:

British Airways Online Assessment Questions 

  • British Airways Numerical Reasoning Test

Observe the following table:

British Airways SOVA Assessment

If every meeting is attended by the CEO and his secretary on top of the people mentioned in the table, what is the maximum number of people attending one meeting?

A. 9
B. 14
C. 11
D. 13
E. 15
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The maximum number of people who attended a meeting, according to the table, is: 9.

The CEO and his secretary equal 2 extra people attending each meeting. Therefore, 9+2=11 people.

The correct answer is C

  • British Airways Checking Test

Customer Name: Ms. Kathleen M Bailey

Customer ID: 22699000FC3

Transaction ID Interest (%) Amount (£GBP)
800845514591D3 5.6% £2045.12
014231079138X7 6.5% £1500.24
014231079138X7 1.2% £754.84
744888810824N8 3.2% £6540.75
805480094857F3 4.5% £784.17
593749052408Y6 4.5% £4495.48
961437181342J5 4.9% £935.46

Which amount was transferred in transaction 177836756181B4?

A. £764.84
B. £784.17
C. £754.84
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C - £754.84

  • British Airways Situational Judgement Test

As part of the British Airways Assessments, you may be presented with situational judgement test (SJT) questions. These include reading a hypothetical scenario you may encounter at Brith Airways. Typically, the scenario will involve an ethical dilemma and require a nuanced and balanced response.

After reading the scenario, you will have to indicate the best and worst responses, out of a selection of 4-5 possibilities. This online test is intended to evaluate your ability to make professional choices that are online with British Airways values.

Here is an example that could appear on the British Airways Tests:

You are a pilot on a commercial flight and you receive a warning light indicating an engine failure. You assess the situation and determine that you can still maintain altitude and proceed to the planned destination airport, but there is a nearby airport that is closer and more convenient. What should you do?

A) Immediately declare an emergency and divert to the nearby airport.
B) Inform air traffic control of the situation and request clearance to the nearby airport as a precaution.
C) Monitor the situation and continue to the planned destination airport while notifying air traffic control of the situation.
D) Ignore the warning light and continue to the planned destination airport.

  • British Airways Fly Capacity Test 

The BA Capacity test is a series of game-like tasks that evaluate cognitive skills that don’t fall under verbal or numerical. They include response time, spatial orientation, hand-eye coordination, and more. These skills are essential for pilots. 

Practice for these assessments is available on our BA pilot PrepPack:

  • British Airways Numerical PracticeTests, with full-length simulations, study guides, and basic, intermediate, and advanced questions to build your numerical skills.
  • British Airways Checking and Accuracy Practice Tests, enhancing your performance and speed.
  • Full Situational Judgment Test Simulation, perfecting your decision-making abilities.
  • Study Guides & Video Tutorials, walking you through the different test sections and each unique challenges and difficulties.

British Airways Recruitment Process

  • British Airways Application

There are several steps to joining BA’s fleet as a pilot. From the initial application form, through the BA online assessment, to the BA virtual assessment centre. The entire process can take several months, with the background check and Criminal Record Check factored in.  

To land a British Airways pilot job, candidates must first fill in an application through the British Airways Pilot Careers platform. There, you will be able to choose the appropriate campaign for you: short-haul pilots, experienced pilots, future pilots (i.e. pilot cadet), or ex-military pilots. 

The application form is more than just a formality. While some of the questions will elicit technical information about you and your qualifications, you will also be asked about your motivation and previous experience as a pilot. Make sure to answer eloquently, in sufficient detail, and with BA’s core values in mind. Before uploading your CV, make sure to edit it in alignment with these values, adding keywords that will help your CV stand out.

During the application process, you may also be asked questions about BA, as well as its subsidiaries and parent company (IAG). Make sure you research the company before sitting down to fill in the form

  • British Airways Assessment Centre

Candidates who have passed the British Airways assessment are summoned to the final part of the British Airways application process: the assessment centre. This stage differs per campaign: some include role-play exercises or a British Airways group exercise.

Let's take a look at the typical British Airways assessment day for pilots:

British Airways Assessment Centre

Following the Application and BA cognitive assessments, you will be invited to partake in a BA pilots assessment day. You will be asked to bring relevant documents for validation, take a personal interview, and complete a flight simulator test with a partner.

In recent years, the British Airways Virtual Assessment Centre has been slowly replacing the traditional in-person BA assessment day, but pilots are still commonly summoned to a live version. British Airways is not able to reimburse travel expenses.

Among the British Airways Tests, the flight simulation is the most direct evaluation of your actual flying abilities. You will be playing the role of both pilot and co-pilot, each for 45 minutes.

The British Airways group exercise is sometimes employed to gain insight into your personality and ability to work with others. To pass this, simply remember to be assertive and make your voice heard, without being dominant and trumping others. This balance is precisely what British Airways are looking for.

The final stage of your BA Assessment day is the British Airways Interview.

How to prepare for the British Airways Interview

British Airways uses an interview to get a glimpse of your personality. You will want to highlight your best qualities, demonstrate instances in the past when these qualities helped you, and radiate an overall calm and professional atmosphere. 

This is one of the most important parts of the British Airways application process. Here are a few tips to help you stand out to your recruiters: 

Research British Airways  
British Airways Interview questions include personal queries as well as general knowledge about the company. For example, You may be asked what challenges BA is likely to face in upcoming years. Do a little reading before the day. 
Dress to Impress 
Whether your assessment day is in-person or online, your appearance will have an effect on how your recruiters evaluate you. Remember, airside employees need to represent the company. Wear business smart attire and make sure your hair is presentable. 
Shine Bright Like a STAR 
The STAR Method is a technique for formatting interview answers that has come to be regarded as the gold standard by recruiters across various industries. It involves telling your recruiters about a challenge you faced, how you handles it, and what you learned. 

Are you looking to become a pilot? JobTestPrep has got you covered with general-purpose pilot assessment practice, as well tailor-made preparation packs to help you pass the recruitment at Qantas, Ryanair, EasyJet, Emirates, and more! 

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BA Cadet Programme – train to be a pilot with British Airways.

BA is one of the few airlines that offer flight training. As a cadet, you will be training with one of BA’s partner flight schools for a period of approximately 18 months. The programme is considered prestigious, and admission is competitive. 

No flying experience is required to join the direct entry pilot scheme, although it may be considered a bonus. Additionally, applicants need to have passed a minimum of 5 General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams with grades A, B, or C (4-9). 

Overall, if aviation is your dream job, the BA cadets programme is a great way to jumpstart your flying career. 

British Airways Military Scheme 

If you were discharged from military service within the last two years, have over 1500 flying hours in any service aircraft, and can obtain a UK Part-FCL License – you are eligible for the British Airways military scheme. 

Whether you served in the Army Air Corps, the Royal Navy, or the Royal Air Force, this is a unique opportunity to turn your military experience into a lucrative career path through a facilitated program. 

You can apply by talking to your career manager. 


What are the requirements for being a BA pilot?

In general terms, experienced pilots need a valid license with the right rating, medical, permission to work and live in the UK, and passport. Before you begin your BA recruitment, make sure you meet the requirements. 

Of course, the exact requirements will depend on the campaign and will differ for a cadet, first officer, senior first officer, and captain. For more information, visit the BA pilots webpage here

All candidates must pass the British Airways tests.

What pre-employment checks come after the BA assessment day?

Candidates who have passed the British Airways tests and assessment day are guaranteed a pilot job, but they still must complete a few pre-employment checks before officially starting off their British Airways pilot careers. 

You will receive an email from a third-party background-check company, asking you to list any previous education of employment in order, as well as any gaps of over 28 days. The referencing process can take several months. 

You will also receive an email instructing you on how to apply for a Criminal Records Check. 

Lastly, you will receive an invitation to undergo a drug test. Failing this will result in the termination of your employment. 

What are British Airways pilots salaries like?

Salaries for BA pilots range considerably. At the time of writing this page, Glass Door has calculated the average at £80,662 per year but, depending on your experience, rank, and flying hours worked, the figures can range from approx. £30,000 to approx. £300,000. 

British Airways also offer bonuses, discounted flights, private healthcare, and other financial benefits. 

What aircraft do British Airways need pilots for?

Vacancies for British Airways pilot jobs are always changing, but the BA fleet includes the Airbus A320 family, A380, A350, Boeing 747, 777, and 787. 

British Airways’ CityFlyer subsidiary, based in London City Airport, operates a short-haul fleet of Embraer 190 planes that fly to various destinations in Europe and the United Kingdom. The rest of the British Airways fleet operates out of London Heathrow Airport. 

What is the British Airways tattoo policy?

As a rule of thumb, no tattoo can be visible on an area that is not covered by the BA pilots’ uniform. This means neck tattoos, face tattoos, and upper-arm or hand tattoos. Other tattoos are permissible, but as a BA pilot, you will be asked to wear white undergarments to prevent upper body tattoos from being visible through the uniform.

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