Premium Membership

The Premium Membership allows you exclusive access to three PrepPack’s from our database of test preparation resources, which includes over 16,000 questions, detailed answer explanations, practice tests, study guides, and score reports, available through an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface. This pack is ideal if you plan on applying to multiple jobs and need a full breadth of preparation resources.

Why Premium?

JobTestPrep's premium offer is your best preparation package. With the premium membership, you gain the following:


You will practise with tests that are tailored per position and/or per assessment company.


You will invest time in customised practice and not waste time on generic tests with irrelevant material.


You will save money by making a single purchase instead of multiple purchases of separate test packages.


You will prepare for more than just aptitude tests: Assessment centre exercises, interviews, Microsoft Office, and other components of the selection process.

Benefits of the Premium Membership

  • Subscription to the largest inventory of job-related psychometric and aptitude tests
  • Direct access to our customer service teamfor help with all your test-related needs
  • A full learning hub with videos, drills, score reports, and study guides
  • Ability to track your progress with your complete test history saved
  • Ability to practice on mobile devices-85% of tests are mobile-adaptive
  • Tests that follow the style of 12 assessment companies: 
SHL (CEB, Gartner) Kenexa (IBM) Pearson TalentLens Hudson
Saville (Willis Towers Watson) Talent-Q (Korn Ferry) Cubiks Acer
cut-e (AON) Revelian Thomas International Connector
Criterion Partnership PILI Psytech International Profiling for Success
  • All the test topics we cover:
Cognitive ability Assessment centres SJT Spatial 
Numerical Deductive Concentration Personality profiling
Verbal Diagrammatic Mechanical Interview 
Logical/ Inductive/ Abstract Critical thinking Technical Clerical  
Accuracy & precision Error Checking Microsoft Excel & Word Typing
  • Tailored profession packs: firefighters, teachers, prison officers, army officers, plumbers, clerks, armed forces, and more.


  • We keep up with testing trends and follow the styles of the leading assessment companies. 
  • Different packages on our website may contain content overlaps. That is because in some cases, a question type/style may be used in more than one assessment company. This will not affect your preparation experience, as the question pool is very large.
  • We do not provide job-specific SJTs or in-tray exercises.

The JobTestPrep Advantage

JobTestPrep carries the largest inventory of online practice questions for job-related psychometric and aptitude tests. We are the only institute to offer tailored practice packs per assessment company, per position, and even per employer.

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