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What Does JobTestPrep Offer?

JobTestPrep makes it its business to assist job candidates with passing their tests and interviews at Schneider Electric. We have researched on the company’s recruitment process and developed highly precise test simulations of their actual tests to enable you to practise before your official assessment and thus come to it well prepared. In our PrepPack™, you will find the Numerical, Abstract, and Verbal Reasoning Tests that will improve your cognitive abilities, enhancing the correctness of your calculations, logic, and language proficiency. Our Situational Judgement-style test and personality tests also included in our materials will provide clues about the traits that recruiters look for in their prospective employees. By going over them, you will also better understand the purpose behind each question. A common test provider candidates encounter in their application process is Cubiks. Follow the link to learn more about out Cubiks Test preparation materials.

Determined to lead you through every stage of your assessment, JobTestPrep has also put in its exclusive PrepPack™ interview materials. They consist of well-written explanation of how to comport yourself most impressively during your interview with employers from Schneider Electric and what questions to ask by its closure. In our interview materials, we also propose clever answers to the most commonly asked interview questions. If you spend a few days practising with our resources before setting a foot in an interview room, you will feel self-assured and composed during your interview and will not be daunted by difficult questions. Study with JobTestPrep’s high-quality materials and secure for yourself a place among the qualified staff of Schneider Electric.

What Is the Verbal Reasoning Test?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is a reliable measurement of applicants’ comprehension of written information. It also evaluates how well they can draw appropriate conclusions about what they read. On the test, you will be given a short passage to read, whose contents may be or may be not connected to your field of expertise. The text will usually appear on the left hand-side of your computer screen. Accompanying the text there also will be a list of statements about it.  The list will appear on the right hand-side of your screen. Your task is to evaluate the truth value of these statements. It is advisable to scan the statements quickly before you start reading the passage. When you read the text, you thus will be able to concentrate on those pieces of information that are referred to in the statements. Once you finish reading, you will need to mark the statement either as “True” or “False.” If a statement asserts the information given in the text, tick it off as “True.” If it does not hold water, choose the “False” option. But remember that there will be statements whose truth-value will be impossible to determine, simply because there will not be enough information in the text to do so. If you cannot conclude whether a statement is true or false, mark it as “Cannot Say.”

Schneider Electric’s Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at Schneider Electric has several stages:

    • Once you apply online for your chosen position, you will be asked to take a video interview through the Hire View. Questions posed on the web interview will be mostly behavioral and competency-based. You may also be asked about the group work you did in your previous workplace, internship, and leadership. There are 15 questions overall, which you need to finish within 45 minutes maximum. The advantage of taking the video interview is that

                   a) it is very easy to access;

                   b) you can take it at home at any time convenient to you;

                   c) you can practise before recording the interview for recruiters and thus complete the                               interview within a time-limit. 

      • After the web interview, you will be asked to complete one or several tests that Schneider Electric offers to applicants as a part of their pre-employment assessment.
      • If you score high on your tests, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview. As a rule, during it, you will talk with several managers. They will tell you about the culture of the company and about a typical working day of an engineer at Schneider Electric. The managers will also show you around the facilities. The first in-person interview will be followed by a few more interviews with managers of different departments and team leaders. During the last interview, you will have a chance to meet other candidates for your applied position.

Because getting hired by Schneider Electric is competitive, you need to shoot above other applicants. You can outperform them on your examination and interviews only if you practise before your assessment. JobTestPrep offers you a brilliant opportunity to get prepared for your pre-employment assessment and stand out among other job candidates. Practice with our comprehensive materials and prove to your employers that you should be preferred to other applicants.


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