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About Verbal Analysis Tests

The term Verbal Analysis Test is used by assessment companies such as SHL and Saville to describe a verbal test aimed at senior manager/director/professional positions. It is, in essence, a verbal reasoning test, but introduces a number of question formats and difficulty levels that might not be found in other popular tests, such as the verbal reasoning test in the Cubiks online assessment. Both these companies offer similar tests, but we would still like to elaborate on each separately.

Saville's Verbal Analysis Test

According to Saville, the test, which is also known as Verbal Aptitude Assessment, is 24 minutes long and contains 34 questions. The test has a similar format to verbal reasoning tests in that you are typically presented with a passage and are asked to choose an answer from the multiple choices offered. However, the test has some differences - you may be presented with more than one passage per set of questions. Moreover, you sometimes have to give more than one answer per question. In addition, the true/false/cannot say format will still be present but will comprise only a proportion of question types. You will be tested across the following item types:

Understanding Word Meaning – you will be tested on your ability to understand word meaning within the context presented. For example, you may be asked to replace a word from the given passage with another suitable word.

Comprehending Text – you will be asked if statements are true based on the passage, this tests your understanding of the passage.

Making Verbal Inferences – the passage may explicitly state something and you will have to make a decision on whether a given statement is true or false based on that statement. For example, you may be presented with an opposing statement to what is given in the passage and you will have to judge if it is true.

Evaluating Written Materials – tests your ability to pull out the main points of the passage and evaluate them. For example, you may be asked which statement best summarises the main point of the passage.

Comparing Arguments – you will sometimes be presented with more than one passage and be asked to compare arguments between them. For example, you may have to decide which passage is more critical of a certain concept. You will also be tested on Accuracy, Speed and Caution (where caution refers to if accuracy and speed are balanced).

SHL's Verbal Analysis Test (VMT3)

According to SHL's product details, it is a 35 minute, 35 question test that assesses your ability to ‘reason with information presented in verbal format’. As mentioned previously, this test is taken by directors and senior managers and asks you to interpret information critically. You may be presented with complex written data such as reports and policies.

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