How to Understand Your Talent-Q Score Report: Expert Breakdown


How is the Korn Ferry Talent Q Test Scored? 

Your raw score in the Talent Q  tests provided by Korn Ferry is determined by all of your correct answers while taking the difficulty level of each question into account.  

Then, your score is compared to the appropriate comparison group of your employers’ choosing:  

  • Professional, graduate and managerial   
  • Customer service, administrative and similar (non-graduate)   
  • Composite (everyone from the Talent Q database  

Your final score then falls into one of 5 grades by comparing your score against other candidates in your comparison group:  

E – Well below average  

D – Below average  

C – Average  

B – Above average  

A – Well above average  

This means that it is not enough just to do well on the test; since you will need to surpass your competitors' scores as well.

you can learn more about psychometric test scoring here.

how to understand your talent-q numerical reasoning score


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Below is an example of a Talent Q Elements score report published on slide share by a Korn Ferry test-taker:

talent q elements korn ferry score report

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