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The SHL Global Cognitive Index Test Battery

There are four subtests in the GCI assessment, each of them measuring a different aspect of your abilities. These tests can be combined in whatever way the employer wants so there are many different combinations available for assessment. The four different tests in the Global Cognitive Index are:

  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability

Global Cognitive Index Abstract Reasoning Test

This test assesses your ability to think laterally; the aptitude to grasp different concepts quickly and easily. In this test you need to show that you can face a new, different situation, take stock and use your experience and skill to come up with a solution. These tests are often known as the “real” IQ test as they are independent of language and can thus be used to assess thinking cognitive ability skills across a wide range of different continents and cultures.

You will be presented with a sequence of images or matrices that have a specific pattern running through them, a unique relationship with each other. There may be a number of different rules governing this relationship. You have to infer the details of the relationship and use your understanding of it to work out the next step in the sequence.

Global Cognitive Index Deductive Reasoning

In this test you are presented with a number of different facts. Based on these facts you have to select a statement that either fits in with the facts or does not.

An example taken from JobTestPrep's online database:

Review the facts below:

  • Bob has a red couch
  • Cupboards are yellow
  • There is no red furniture that is not also lightweight
  • Yellow furniture is big, unless it has shelves

Based on the information above, which of the following MUST be true?

  1. Bob's couch weighs less than cupboards do.
  2. All cupboards are big.
  3. Bob's couch is small, as are cupboards.
  4. Red cupboards are heavy.
  5. Bob has a light couch.

You have to carefully analyse all of the facts and decide which of the statements cannot be true. If we take a cursory glance at the information, we see that in order to answer the question, an understanding of each and every one of the facts is necessary in order to answer the question properly.

The Global Cognitive Index Deductive Reasoning test assesses your ability draw logical conclusions, identify arguments that are strong and weak, and show your skill at completing the picture without all the facts available. This test is used to see what you will be like when asked to create and develop solutions. Read more about the Deductive Reasoning Test.

Global Cognitive Index Quantitative Ability Test

This GCI test is used to assess your ability to comprehend and use numerical information in a variety of different formats. You will be provided with information in this Global Cognitive Index quantitative test that comes in the form of tables, pie charts, analysis reports and other numerical data that you have to shape and manipulate in order to procure the correct answer required. To answer the questions, you will need only basic arithmetic functions. You will however, generally have to do at least two calculations to find the correct answer.

An example taken from JobTestPrep's online database:

Jeannette can eat lunch at five restaurants near her office. In each restaurant there are three possible courses to choose from. In addition, Jeanette can choose from four different friends she can meet for lunch.

How many options does Jeanette have for lunch?

  1. 5
  2. 15
  3. 45
  4. 60
  5. 120

Global Cognitive Index Verbal Reasoning Test

In this GCI test you will be assessed on your ability to extract information from text and use the information to make correct deductions based on this information. You are also being assessed on your ability to understand relationships between different words.

An example taken from JobTestPrep's online database:

Two : Too

Which of the following words pairs expresses a relationship most similar to that expressed above?

  1. Hairy : Scary
  2. Mild : Wild
  3. Right : Write
  4. Three : Thirteen
  5. Scoop : Flute

In this question you have to analyse the given relationship, in this case between the words ‘two’ and ‘too’. Here we see that the two words sound the same, not necessarily in rhyme. In this case they are homophones. This is just one example however there can be many questions that are similar in style even though they explore different relationships.

The global cognitive index verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to understand and create these relationships and is a good predicator for those entering positions of authority where the person in charge needs to understand how different parts of the puzzle fit together. This is done by understanding the way each item correlates to another. More about the SHL-style Verbal Reasoning Test.

Prepare for SHL's GCI Test

We have seen that there are four possible tests in the Global Cognitive Index and each of these tests assess a different aspect of your skill set. The GCI test can be administered as a pre-employment assessment in which case it is generally managed externally through the internet. In this case you will normally have to complete all four of the tests. It can also be used as a developmental test for those in training schemes at their place of work already. In this situation, the GCI test will be presented in a paper format. For this assessment, you will normally be given three of the tests, the verbal, abstract, and quantitative (numerical) reasoning test.

JobTestPrep ha a full selection of tests that can help you prepare completely for any of these tests. They can be taken in both a timed, test environment and an untimed version with full explanations and tips to help you succeed when you come to take the GCI Test for real.

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