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This article introduces the nature of SHL Analytic test, outline the various types of scenarios you may face, and explain how we can help you prepare for it. Please note that this article deals with personal presentations as opposed to group presentations and activities.

SHL Analytic Test

On the SHL Analytic Test you will be given a brief with all the information required to do a careful analysis of the topic. You have to use the information contained within the brief to reach logical conclusions which you will then present to the assessors. After this presentation, you will then have to go through a 10-15 minute questioning session that is used to determine your thought processes throughout the exercise. Alternatively, you may be asked to write a report detailing your recommendations as you would have done in a presentation.

There are four different streams of assessment that are used to assess different positions. They are:

  • Graduates - These are used for roles where there is no requirement of significant organisational experience.
  • First Line Managers - These are used in the assessment of new or junior managers. Also used for managers with little or no experience in people management.
  • Middle Manager - Used in assessing experienced Managers as well as Administrators with experience in people management.
  • Executive - Used in assessing senior managers with a high level of experience. As each of these positions requires different skills the SHL analysis assessments are split into four different sections. We will go into each of them below.

Level 1: Graduates

In this assessment you will take the role of a business or analyst trainee. You will be asked to prepare a business plan or report dealing with a variety of issues that you will be given in a brief. You are given a number of different options relating to information given and you have to choose the most suitable one. Typically, you will be given information that includes the following:

  • Market trends
  • Information about the resourcing needs
  • The virtues of the different people who can take on a leadership role
  • The cost of the contractor
  • The training costs

For example, in the Hexagon Analysis exercise you are asked to help a medical representative create a mini-business plan. In this plan you need to include a summary of the business performance, an overview of current influences on the business and recommendations to ensure that the representative builds business in his territory.

After carefully analysing the information you will need to produce a report with recommendations and explanations to either be presented to the assessors as a 10 minute presentation or as a written report.

Level 2: First Line Managers

In this assessment you will be asked to perform the role of a first line manager. This position demands the performance of a variety of different tasks. For this assessment, you will need to make some reasoned decisions and explain why you have chosen to go in this path. You will be given a brief with the necessary information and it is your task to analyse the information and decide on the best way forward. For example, you are to take the role of a sales consultant for a drinks company who wants to set up a new marketing strategy. You will be given information concerning:

  • The company
  • The drinks industry
  • Customer trends
  • The different products in the range
  • The prices and costs of the different drinks

For example, in the Papillon Drinks Analysis exercise you take on the role of a sales and marketing consultant and asked to produce a strategy for marketing and promoting the company.

After a careful analysis of the data you must create a report that will be given over to the assessors in the form of a 10 minute presentation or as a written report. In this report you must include a careful review of the different items, devise a plan for implementation, and produce an estimate regarding the costs as well as other pertinent issues.

Level 3: Middle Managers

For this level, you will be asked to take the place of a newly recruited or interim manager of either a technology or management company. You will be given a brief that contains information regarding the following:

  • Financial performance data
  • An employee opinion survey
  • Regional targets
  • The different products on offer
  • The competition
  • Poor communication

For example, in the Curaco Analysis exercise, you take on the role of a newly recruited manager. after being given the relevant information, it is your task to create a plan aimed at improving the overall performance of the company.

After a careful analysis of the provided information you will need to prepare a strategy to help advance the company in terms of size and profit. You will be given a few different options to choose from and you will need to make a cost-benefit analysis of each one and make a final decision. After this, you will present your findings in the form of a 15 minute presentation followed by detailed questioning. Alternatively, you may be asked to provide your report in written format.

Level 4: Executives

In this assessment you will take the role of a senior sales manager or a newly appointed managing director. You will be presented with a brief that contains information that you have to digest and decide on a way forward. In each situation that you are given, you will need to make a careful analysis and report as there are overriding issues that are of a serious nature that are very important to the future of the company. For example, you are in charge of devising a plan to increase the utilisation and revenue of a health club. You are given information concerning:

  • The facilities
  • Capacity costs
  • Revenue generation
  • Marketing
  • Staffing costs

For example, in the Vorlinden Analysis case you take the role of the strategy and performance director for this insurance company. You have been recruited for the purpose of taking the company forward as it is now at a crossroads.

You need to make judgements about the nature of the company and where you see it going forward. These ideas must be presented as a report in either a written format or in a 15 minute presentation to the assessors.

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