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What Is the Shell Assessments? 

The Shell Assessment is a part is composed of three different assessments:

  1. The Shell cognitive test – in this test you will be required to answer questions that will demonstrate your skills in verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
    The test is a Cubiks timed test that contains 50 questions in a 12-minute time limit (take your free sample now).
    *For their Trader Development Program, Shell tends to use the Cubiks General Advanced Test.
  2. The Shell Working style assessment – this test is a personality test that is designed to assess you across the ‘big five’ personality factors: drive, adaptability, supportiveness, assertiveness and creativity.
    It is also provided by Cubiks and has no time limit (you can learn more about it here).
  3. On-demand video interview – once you have succeeded in the previous assessments, you will be invited to take the Shell video interview.
    In this interview, you will be asked 5 competency-based questions and will have 30 seconds to prepare and 3 minutes to record your answer for each of the questions.

We've created a preparation specifically for the Shell online assessment.

Don't waste your time on generic practice, make the best of your limited time with our tailored Shell aptitude preparation pack.

Please note that Shell is no longer using Cubiks assessments to screen graduates. We will have a new preparation pack for graduates in the coming months.


The 4 Stages of the Shell Recruitment Process

The entire application process consists of 5 main steps:

  1. Online application
  2. Online assessments (already discussed above)
  3. Final assessment
  4. Shell connect

The true final step being a job offer.

We will go through each of these steps and offer guidance to help you through.

1) Shell Online Application Form

The Shell online application form is your first opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

You are given the opportunity to upload your CV and provide your basic details.

In addition, there is a long answer question which asks 'Why do you want to work for Shell?' This is an opportunity to make your application stand out.

In order to answer the question properly, you must incorporate Shell's key values into your answer.

Shell Competencies

During the recruitment process, Shell is looking for three main things:

  • Capacity –Shell wants people with the intellectual, analytical, and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues, and propose solutions.
  • Achievement – Shell recruits graduates who it feels will make future Shell leaders, so candidates need to demonstrate achievements or overcome obstacles in any areas of their life.
  • Relationships –Being able to work effectively as part of a team and form mutually beneficial, long-term working relationships is essential at Shell. 
    Shell also values honesty, integrity, and respect for people.

These competencies are important to highlight both in your application and throughout the application process. 

If you have been shortlisted to proceed, you will be sent links to complete the Shell online assessment tests.


Prepare for the Shell Assessments with JobTestPrep

Preparing for the Shell assessments is difficult. There are quite a few different questions and topics that you need to go through.

As you can see, Shell's online tests are a crucial step, thus making psychometric test preparation a key element in your journey.

Start practising with out tailor-made Shell PrepPacks™ and you could significantly improve your score within a few days of practice.

Shell Interview Questions

As a part of the Shell final assessment, you will be required to undergo an in-depth interview. Your Shell interview question may include:  

  1. Tell me about your biggest achievement.
  2. Tell me about a time when you worked in a diverse team with many contrasting opinions. How did you work together to solve the issue?
  3. When have you engaged in different cultures and opinions?

This is an opportunity to apply real-life examples in your answers. You can do this through the use of the STAR method (situation, task, action, result), where you use a real-life situation you have encountered to expand and explain what you did.

The last section of the Shell interview is where you are asked if you have any questions. This is somewhat underestimated, but in reality, this can make or break your Shell application.

Showing that you really want to know more about the organisation proves your motivation for the job.

Moreover, this is the last chance to shine in the interview, so if you finish on a high note this is what the interviewer will remember most.

3) Shell Final Assessment

In the Shell final assessment, you will be given a case study and 48 hours to review.

After 48 hours, on the day of the assessment, you will be assigned a topic relating to your case study, and 20-30 minutes to prepare a five-minute presentation for an online session with two professionals at Shell.

After the presentation, you will be presented with questions and additional scenarios from your assessors, followed by an additional interview.

For further information and for JobTestPrep’s comprehensive preparation for the Shell final assessment, pleases click on the link below.

Shell Assessment Centre PrepPack™


4) Shell Connect

After passing successfully the Shell final assessment you will move on to the Shell connect part of the hiring process.

In this stage, you will be invited to one of the Shell offices to a variety of the company’s employees and to learn about company’s industry and culture.

Shell Trader Development Programme (TDP)

The Shell Trader Development Programme (TDP) is an exclusive programme that is meant for enterprising graduates with over 3 years of commercial experience.

Becoming a part of the programme will require you to pass the Shell numerical test.

The Shell numerical test is based on the Cubiks Logiks General (Advanced) test.  

JobTestPrep has created a Cubiks-Advanced Shell Numerical Test PrepPack™, start preparing early to enhance your chances in the TDP competitive recruitment programme. 

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