Shell Aptitude Test Preparation

Preparation is key to passing the Shell aptitude test. Let JobTestPrep help you prepare and practice for the test today. Our numerous resources are sure to help you ace the test. Please note that this PrepPack™ is aimed for the UK audience. If you are applying from the Far East you will be asked to take different tests.

Shell Cubiks Tests

The Shell aptitude Cubiks tests are the first step of the Shell hiring process after applying online. There are two Shell Cubiks assessments:

  1. Cognitive test - this test covers the subject numerical reasoning,  verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning. the Shell Cubiks cognitive test includes 50 questions and has a 12-minutes time limit.
  2. Work Styles assessment - this is a Cubiks personality test. This test has no time limit and usually takes 10-12 minutes to complete.

JobTestPrep's Shell Aptitude Test preparation includes preparation materials for all of the Shell online Cubiks assessments. start practising today and ensure your success at this stage of the company's recruitment process.

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