PwC Logical & Inductive Reasoning Test: Online Practice

Candidates applying for a position at PwC are often required to take an online logical reasoning test. This test is mainly used to evaluate graduates and undergraduates, but applicants for other job levels may also be asked to complete it. Candidates who successfully pass this test are usually asked to complete a written version of it at the assessment centre to vouch for their results.

The logical test PwC uses, sometimes referred to as the PwC inductive reasoning test, is provided by CEB’s SHL. On this test, you are presented with a row of images made out of shapes. Your task is to identify the pattern(s) behind the series and to choose the image that would come next in the series.

Many people struggle with this type of non-verbal test as they find it extremely different from the tests they have faced so far at school or in university. However, once you become more familiar with the logical patterns that commonly appear on the test, you will likely find it significantly less intimidating.

How can JobTestPrep help?

Our PwC Logical Reasoning Test practice pack was created to help you prepare for both the PwC online test as well as its paper-based version.

This pack includes SHL-style next-in-series practice questions, similar to the questions seen on the PwC logical test, as well as other question formats for additional practice. It also includes a comprehensive video tutorial, demonstrating common logic patterns used in next-in-series questions and providing some useful tips. By practising the tests and watching the tutorial, you can increase your speed and ultimately improve your overall performance on the actual test.



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