Prepare for the Checking Information POST Test

The Different sections of The Prison Officer Selection Test

For more information on the different tests and sections of the prison officer selection tests, click on the relevant test in the table below:

Test Time limit (minutes) Number of questions

POST Numerical Reasoning Test

20 30

Reading Comprehension and Completing a Standard Form Section 1.1

20 27

Reading Comprehension and Completing a Standard Form Section 1.2

10 8

Checking Information and the Application of Standard Rules Section 2.1

15 18

Checking Information and the Application of Standard Rules Section 2.2

15 5


How Can We Help You?

The best way to prepare for this test is to take practice tests. These give you the feel for the POST test you will take as well as the skills needed to pass them with your highest possible score. We hope you have enjoyed this article and look forward to having you on board.


What is this POST Test?

Would you like to know how to become a prison officer? The answer is simple: Pass the prison officer selection test, the POST. However, it isn’t as easy as that as there are many applicants for just a few spaces. Ensure you stand out from the crowd by performing well in the POST tests.

The Checking Information and the Application of Rules section of the POST test comprises of two separate tests. You don’t need to take both of these tests one after the other, so you can take a break after taking one and then go back and complete the section.

The basics of both of these tests are the same: You have to compare one table to another and find the errors, if there are any.

POST Test Section 2.1

In this test there are two separate tables. The first one is a prisoner timetable, typically with 15-20 prisoners listed. It is essentially a detailed timetable outlining where each prisoner needs to be at a specific time of the day. There are normally three different timings specifying where the prisoner needs to be. Following this table is a further one that shows where the prisoners actually are at a certain time of the day. You have to work out which of the prisoners is out of place.

POST Test Section 2.2

In this test there are three tables. The first one details five separate rules. The second table is a list of prisoners, the crimes they have committed and the charges against them. The third table is a floor plan showing where the prisoners’ cells are. There are five questions in this test and you have to work out which prisoner is breaking one of the rules. This may sound simple but in reality it is not, as the tables are large and it is easy to get confused.

Skills needed to pass the Prison Officer Online Test

Practice, Practice, Practice. This sounds a bit simple and repetitive, but honestly it is the best piece of advice there is. In both sections of this POST test you do not have a lot of time to complete the tests, so you need to work fast. However, you don’t want to make mistakes and fail simply because you didn’t have enough time. One important thing to bear in mind is that although there are many different questions, the main table remains constant. You don’t have to second guess yourself thinking that the table changes from question to question.

The best way to answer the questions is to do so in a methodical way. Work out the method that works best for you and go with it. As long as you are clear on your method, you will be able to complete the test in the required time and do so successfully. There is obviously more than one method, so what works for you for one question may not do so for a second. Therefore ensure you are fully prepared by taking practice tests.

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