Practise Philip Morris Aptitude Tests and Interview

SHL Aptitude Test 

The SHL test is divided into three primary sections which our SHL-style PrepPack™ fully covers using practice questions coupled with in-depth answer explanations, which can either be taken timed or at your own pace. 

Here is a little insight into what to expect on each section and what our PrepPack™ covers.


SHL Numerical Reasoning 

This section focuses heavily on locating data buried in tables and graphs. You will become thoroughly acquainted with every element of tables and graphs including title and headingschart styles (pie, line, bar…); data formatting (percentages, fractions, integers); math terminology (median or mode); chart theme (Macro or Micro); chart scale (liters – milliliters or hundreds – thousands), etc.


SHL Verbal Reasoning

Using true, false, or cannot answer options, the SHL Verbal Reasoning test provides the reader with paragraphs containing important information relating to subsequent questions. Our PrepPack™ mirrors these questions, and the articles are based on to pattern of the real test. 


SHL Inductive Reasoning Logical

Like the real test, our PrepPack™ focuses on pattern recognition, prediction of future trends, and multi-object texture patterns. You will learn how to answer frequently asked SHL questions (like Next-in-Series) in your sleep to outscore the competition. 


Hogan Personality Test

The second test you will face in Philip Morris is the Hogan Personality Test. Here too, JobTestPrep has developed and designed a PrepPack™, which fully covers every segment of the exam while allowing you to practice under real-time conditions. 

The test is broken down into seven primary metrics, along with seven scales and over 40 sub-metrics. This test is particularly used for those being promoted in-house.

Let’s take a brief look into the Hogan Test, so you can see how JobTestPrep will get you ready.


Primary Metrics:

  • Adjustment
  • Ambition
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity
  • Prudence
  • Inquisitive
  • Learning Approach


Occupational Metrics

  • Service Orientation
  • Stress Tolerance:
  • Reliability
  • Clerical Potential
  • Sales Potential
  • Managerial


So, how can JobTestPrep help you prepare? Just like the real test, our questions are designed to measure values, weaknesses, problem solving ability, and the rewards and risks involved in hiring you. Are you at risk for a career meltdown? Do you carry the company’s core values? With Hogan’s Test, your future employer will find out, and with JobTestPrep’s PrepPack™ you will come out in a positive light. 


Saville Aptitude Test

Saville has two primary tests, the first being cognitive and the second being comprehension aptitude. Note: It is crucial to practice for the latter assessment since it is often used as part of the in-house promotion process.

Used for both managerial and lower level positions, this test is broken down into three sections. Below you will find a brief overview of each segment and how we will prepare you to succeed in each.

Numerical Analysis - Unlike numerical tests designed by other providers, this segment is less about math and more about your process and ability to work through the problems in a logical manner. You will be asked to interpret mathematical data found embedded in tables and graphs. 

Verbal Analysis – After carefully reading information packed paraphs, you will be presented with either questions or statements relating to what you have read. In this section of the exam, the ability to accurately read and understand can not be understated.  

Error Checking – If you have great attention to fine details, then you will do great on this test.  You will be provided with a list of numbers, words, and sometimes a mix. You will be tasked with finding errors in mirror images of the same sequences.


How Can I Prepare for my Philip Morris Tests?

Weather you are applying for a job or being promoted, practicing is the key to your success. JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ can help you prepare for any scenario. Our tests matches the style and format of the real test for each job level.



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