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All Defence Force recruits are asked to sit the NZDF Recruitment Test. The results of this test affect the preferences and positions each recruit would be offered. In addition, Aircrew will attend another series of tests to assess their abilities in that particular work environment.


Test Content

The NZDF aptitude test is comprised of seven sections, some of which you may not have to sit, depending on your job role. These sections are:

  • Numerical and verbal reasoning (Relationships) – You are tasked with working out the relationships between various words, numbers and letters, then deciding how you should fill in a gap in the sequence.
  • Basic Mathematics – In this test you are tasked with simple mathematics that you need to complete. Each question has four different answers and only one of those is the right one. Some of the incorrect answers will be similar to the correct answer and are used as distractors to try to fool you, so make sure you write down all your work.
  • Verbal reasoning (Similar words) – You are tasked with finding out words with the similar meaning to words presented to you on the sheet and spell them correctly. You are given one word in full then three letters of a word that is similar in meaning.
  • Electrical reasoning – This will assess your knowledge of electrical terms and ideas. You will be asked to fill in blanks from a choice of four possible answers, and answer basic electrical questions.
  • Mechanical reasoning – In this section your basic mechanical knowledge will be examined. You are tasked with using the correct mechanical unit, term or principal for different questions.
  • Mathematics – This will test the more complex mathematics skills of Algebra and Trigonometry. No calculator may be used for this test.
  • Clerical – You are told to complete four different tasks involving a single list of words. Checking information:
    1. Classifying information or deciding what parts are more important than others.
    2. Coding the information for future reference at a later date.
    3. Filing the information alphabetically.

The NZDF runs extra tests for Aircrew

In order to have the most skilled of airmen/airwomen, the NZDF ensures recruits have what it takes by running more tests:

  • Maths reasoning – Physics related concepts of time-speed-distance are measured here. 
  • Instrument Comprehension – This tests your ability to interpret information displayed on aircraft instruments. Dials, meters and different parts of the aircraft are placed in front of you, and you must answer what they are, what they do or what they are showing.

Practicing towards the NZDF Aptitude Test

All of these sections can and should be practiced prior to sitting the real test. When applying for a job people realise that practice makes perfect, and you are competing with others who had the same idea to practice for the test too. We know this works for three reasons:

  • Knowledge – Some areas of the test rely on logical concepts and knowledge learned in school. Numerical, verbal, and physical concepts rely heavily on logic and learned concepts. It could be either knowing how to multiply decimals, understanding the meaning of certain unpopular words in the English vocabulary or understanding the principle laws of motion and gravity.
  • Response times – Practice makes you faster, you answer the questions quicker and you are used to the formats presented to you. You remember what works and what doesn't and you get a feeling for what the examiner wants your answers to be.
  • Confidence – Confidence follows competence, and how do you become competent? Through repeating something over and over again. Do you think a professional carpenter of 10 years is scared when he is asked to make a chair? No, he has repeated making furniture and can be confident that he will successfully make furniture again.

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