Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

Why a High Score is Crucial:

It is important to note that your results will be calculated in relation to other test takers; thus, it is crucial to score as high as possible to edge out the competition.

Those who fail to land in the top 20 percentile of test-takers will not even be invited for an interview. Thus, it is very important to come fully prepared to beat out the competition. 


Understanding the Numerical Reasoning Test:

When translated into business jargon, the above skills will give a strong indication to your future employer regarding your abilities related to:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Quick Analysation and Evaluation
  • Problem Identification 
  • Communicating Via Tables and Graphs
  • Designing and Implementing Alternative Solutions
  • Performing and Communicating Estimates 
  • among many other essential business skills 


Our All-Inclusive Numerical Reasoning Test Practice PrepPack™

 JobTestPrep will fully prepare you for every element of the test, including a range of difficulty levels from basic to operational, managerial, and advanced to ready you for any examination from 9-5 to C-Level.

Numerical Reasoning Test Specs

It is important to understand that the numerical reasoning test are not a singular and insular test. Furthermore, the test usually comes packaged with verbal reasoning and other exams. There are a number of providers, including: Cubiks, Criteria, Wonderlic, Human Systems Technology (HST) and SHL among others.

 Here are number of subjects, which may be included within your test:

 · Addition

· Subtraction

· Division

· Multiplication

· Ratios

· Percentages

· Fractions

· Inflation and rebasing

· Reading tables and graphs

· Converting currency


An in-depth understanding of the numbers is critical to knowing which operations must be implemented to solve the given problem successfully.


A few Examples:


 The numerical reasoning section might include a question like, ‘The average age of the 20 kids in class is 9 years. What is the sum of their ages?’ To answer the question correctly, you would need to follow a formula such as, (sum of items) = average x (number of items) or in this case 9 x 20 = 180.


In the number series section, you might, for instance, be asked to choose one correct answer from a series of numbers and letters. As per example, A5 | C3 | E1 | ? . To answer the question correctly, you will have to figure out the sequence that while the letters increase by 2, the numbers decrease by 2.


Prepare Only with JobTestPrep


JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive Numerical Reasoning PrepPack™ is unique in that it provides you with comprehensive study guides and practice questions that will prepare you for a wide range of tests scenarios, in order that you come prepared for any styled numerical reasoning test.


As they say, the proof is in the pudding.


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