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About Lidl and Its Positions

Lidl is a German-based supermarket chain with branches all over the UK. There are two entry routes for students: the Lidl graduate scheme and the Lidl placement program. In addition, there are also positions for experienced hires. This article outlines the recruitment process for all of these positions.

Lidl Online Application

The Lidl online application is a short and basic form. It asks for basic details (name, address, contact details). You are also asked short answer questions to provide more information about yourself. Examples of short answer questions include:

  • Give an overview of your previous roles and responsibilities (500 words)
  • Tell us about some of your interests (500 words)
  • Further information- any other details you feel might be relevant (200 words)

You are also asked to provide a copy of your CV and Cover Letter.

First Lidl Interview

If Lidl wants to take your application further, you will be invited to the first Lidl interview. This interview is held at one of the Lidl offices and functions much like an assessment day. Firstly, there is a presentation about the company and the roles they have to offer. There is also an opportunity to ask questions. Following the presentation is the interview. The interview for graduate candidates is a group interview which is very similar to a group exercise. The aim of the interview is to get to know you and your potential fit with the company. As this is the first time Lidl has to see you perform, it is important to do well at this stage. Learn how here with our group exercise preparation materials.

Other candidates have a traditional, one-to-one interview, with questions focusing on your skills and experience. There are also a few role play questions which you must act out with the assessor. See how our interview preparation resources can get your ready for this stage.

Lidl Numeracy Test

Following the interview, you will also take a numeracy test. This test is provided by SHL and examines your ability to understand data in numerical forms. The test focuses on basic mathematical functions and includes word problem questions and sequences. The test is 20 minutes long and you are not permitted to use a calculator. Time constraints when doing maths can be tough and the best way to master the test is with preparation. Use our SHL numerical tests to help yourself prepare.


The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) evaluates how you respond to various conflicts, mostly work-related. Therefore, in this assessment - you will be asked to select the most suitable solution for each case presented.

Lidl Verbal Test

This exam asks you questions related to your language skills: Your vocabulary, grammar, and so on. This will allow the Lidl upper-management to better view how you process written information and see how well they can implement your skillsets to their vacant position.

Second Lidl Interview

The second Lidl Interview lasts about 40 minutes and is usually conducted by a senior manager or member of the HR team. The focus of this interview is to get to know you, how you work and hear about your motivations and aspirations. For non-graduate candidates, this interview may be a repeat of the first interview with a senior manager. You can expect competency questions as well as motivational based questions.

Example questions include:

  • Why Lidl?
  • Why this division?
  • How many people have you managed before?
  • What appeals to you most about this job?
  • What skills have you acquired from your previous jobs that would make you an asset at Lidl?

Nervous about your interview skills? Have a live practice interview with one of our trained assessors.

Lidle In-store Work Trial

Lidle is known for offering other options to candidates it likes. Remember that there is a distinct possibility that they may end up offering you a different role, such as Graduate Store Manager or Graduate Deputy Store Manager. For these types of positions, you may be asked to perform a work trial day in a prospective store.

Prepare for Success

Whether you are applying as a student or experienced hire, Lidl has some excellent opportunities to offer. Although the process can be challenging, with the right practice and preparation you are sure to shine. This article has given useful advice and practice resources from JobTestPrep to help you along the way.

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