First Bus Driver Assessment Test [2022] - Free Sample Questions

What is the First Bus Driver Assessment Test

The First Bus assessment day is the final challenge on your way to becoming a First Bus driver. On this day, you can expect a variety of challenging tests which together comprise the First Bus Driver Assessment Test, including:

Highway Code Test - It goes without saying that as a bus driver you must have an intimate knowledge of all the highway signs, and this section aims to test exactly that. During this test, you are given 10 traffic signs which you must identify. Using our preparation pack, you will be able to answer anything that's thrown at you with confidence. 

Basic Math and Calculating Change - As a bus driver, there will be situations which involve simple math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - often while calculating change. Our preparation pack offers you the chance to brush up on your math skills with basic math practice tests.

Verbal Test - The First Bus verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to comprehend texts and extract relevant information from them. You are given a short text to read, and then multiple choice questions about the text to answer. Practicing similar tests with our preparation pack can greatly enhance your proficiency and improve your chances of acing this tricky section. 

Interview - the interview is the final stage of the assessment day and is your chance impress the First Bus recruitment team. The First Bus interview questions aim to measure your competencies, meaning they want you to give examples of when you have shown specific skills such as leadership, teamwork and good communication.

Before the interview, think of some examples of times where you have been proud of yourself at work, and what skills you used in those situations. 


First Bus Driver Assessment Test Sample Questions

In what situation are you allowed to deny a wheelchair user access to your bus?

Boarding the passenger will take time and cause you to fall behind schedule
Your bus is almost full to capacity and the designated wheelchair space is occupied by standing passengers
The wheelchair is dirty and its wheels are muddy
A pram is occupying the wheelchair space
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Correct answer: B

Answer A- Buses and coaches have to ensure that people with disabilities, including wheelchair users, are able to board and alight their vehicles easily and safely. Running behind schedule is not a justified reason to deny a wheelchair user access to the bus.

Answer B- According to the official DSA guide to driving buses and coaches, you are permitted to refuse entry to a person in a wheelchair if the wheelchair space on your bus is occupied by standing passengers and their luggage. In the case that a bus is almost full to capacity, where it would be unreasonable to expect standing passengers to move out in order to make way for the wheelchair-bound passenger

Answer C- This is not a justified reason for denying access to a wheelchair user.

Answer D- would be correct if stated that the bus is almost full to capacity, however, this is not the case therefore we can assume that the pram can be moved elsewhere. Furthermore, a pram can be collapsed and the baby/ toddler can be sat on the adult's knee, whilst a wheelchair user can only sit in a wheelchair.


You have been driving the bus for 4.5 hours. According to EU regulations, you must take a break of:

25 minutes
35 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Correct answer: C

The maximum driving period without a break under EU rules is 4 hours 30 minutes. You must take a break of at least 45 minutes after four-and-a-half hours of driving. You are permitted to take this break during the driving period whereby it can be split into two breaks of at least 15 and 30 minutes, taken in that order.


Pass the First Bus Driver Assessment Test

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