Fidelity Internship and Graduate Scheme Assessment Preparation

What is Fidelity Assessment Test?

  • The Fidelity internship and graduate scheme recruitment process is highly competitive.
  • Two Fidelity online aptitude tests accompany the application form as the first stages of your recruitment process.
  • These are a numerical reasoning test and a logical reasoning test, both provided by SHL.

Fidelity Numerical Test

The Fidelity numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to work with numerical information (an important skill for anyone working in the financial industry), usually provided in the form of tables, charts, or graphs. Questions are multiple-choice, requiring you to identify and manipulate the correct information in order to choose the correct answer. You are expected to be able to successfully calculate the four basic arithmetic functions, as well as work out percentages, ratios, or currency conversions, to name but a few.

Fidelity Logical Reasoning Test

The Fidelity logical reasoning test is a non-verbal aptitude test designed to examine how well you can identify logical patterns and use them to solve problems. In this test, you are given a sequence of shapes and asked to identify the pattern connecting them in order to identify the next shape in the pattern.

  • Fidelity Verbal Reasoning Test is part of logical reasoning and evaluates abilities such as grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and text analysis.

Preparation for the tests is a key part of ensuring that you perform well enough in the test to progress to the next round!

Our designated Fidelity test preparation pack enables you to learn from your mistakes with step-by-step explanations that offer instant fixes - this will put you on the right track to experience significant improvement and get one step closer to working at Fidelity Bank.


 Fidelity Assessment Test Sample Questions

Fidelity Numerical Reasoning

The following question requires graph reading skills, as well as advanced multiplication and division abilities. Please read carefully the bellow graph and answer the question:


On average, how much value does a Uranium employee in Asia create per week (52 weeks a year), if the number of Asian Uranium employees comprises approximately 5% of the total number of Uranium employees?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (A) - $106.505

First, calculate the number of Uranium employees in Asia:
1,542,000 x 0.05 = 77,100

Next, you need to calculate how much value each Asian employee creates per year by dividing the total value of extracted Uranium in Asia by the number of employees:
427,000,000/77,100 = $5,538.26

Now, you need to find out how much value each employee creates per week by dividing the result by 52:
5,538.26/52 = $106.505


Tip! The time limit placed on the test means that you need to be able to work quickly and accurately in order to answer even most of the questions in the test. By preparing and taking practice tests, you can reduce the time it takes you to answer each question, allowing you to answer more questions and ultimately increase your score. Prepare for this test with our SHL-style numerical reasoning test practice pack.


Fidelity Logical Reasoning

Given is the next series:




Which of the following is the image that completes the pattern?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

The logic: The inner shape in one frame becomes the middle shape in the next frame; the middle shape becomes the outer shape in the next frame; and the outer shape becomes the inner shape two frames later.
Thus, the outer shape in the missing frame should be a square (just like the middle shape in the 5th frame), the middle shape should be a triangle (like the inner shape in the 5th frame), and the inner shape should be a diamond (like the outer shape in the 4th frame).


Tip! Logical reasoning tests tend to be fast-paced, with a very short time allocated to each question, so it is advisable to take practice tests to help you identify solving strategies in advance. Learn more about how to approach a logical reasoning test with our SHL-style logical reasoning test pack.


You can find similar exercises and more helpful material in our Fidelity Bank prep pack!

Fidelity Interview and Fidelity Assessment Centre

Fidelity Telephone Interview

The Fidelity Telephone interview will usually last around 30-45 minutes. This interview, like many other Fidelity Interviews, will be competency-based. The interview will cover areas such as your motivation to join Fidelity and your chosen career path. They will also want to know more about your background, your key skills and examples of how your competencies fit into the program you have applied for. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for this kind of interview with our interview preparation guide.

Fidelity Interview Questions

JobTestPrep offers you a brief list of Fidelity interview questions samples so that you can have an idea of what to expect. You should not forget, however, that each of the Fidelity jobs will have specific technical and competency-based questions.

  • Tell me why Fidelity should hire you?
  • What type of projects have you managed in your career?
  • Why this job and why now? What got you interested in finance/Fidelity/the industry?
  • Tell me about your past work experience.
  • What makes you excited about this position?

Fidelity Assessment Centre

By successfully getting through the Fidelity Telephone Interview you will be invited to attend the Fidelity Assessment Centre. The exact nature of your assessment centre will vary according to the business area for which you have applied, but it is usually a full day at one of their offices. There will be a good opportunity to meet the Fidelity team and learn more about the business in general and the Fidelity Graduate Scheme. The day will be tailored to the business area for which you have applied. There will be many tasks set out for you to complete during the day. These will include:

  • Presentations - You are asked to prepare a presentation ahead of the assessment centre to deliver on the day. The interviewers are looking for evidence that you have done your research on the topic and that you have made the connection between your research and the implications for Fidelity.
  • Group exercises - You can expect an exercise to work through with the other candidates at the assessment centre. The aim of this exercise is to see how you work within a team, and your ability to contribute to the group effort without taking it over. Think about your approach in advance.
  • Case studies - In this exercise you are given a situation similar to the one you may come across in your everyday work life at Fidelity and asked to prepare an exercise within that case study. Get ready for your case study with our practice pack.
  • Interviews

Fidelity Experienced Hires Interviews

Experienced applicants can expect more than one interview as the bulk of the recruitment process. Most of these interviews are competency-based interviews. The interviewer will be looking for evidence that your knowledge and skills fit the profile of the person that they are looking for in this job. Therefore they are expecting you to show that you have researched the company and the role for which you are applying, you know the market around Fidelity, their competitors and products. Try to think outside the box, and look for different types of information.

Other questions will ask for more information about the examples you included on your application form. Review what is on there ahead of the interview. Prepare new examples rather than repeating the ones they have seen before so that you can demonstrate the depth of experience.

Once you have pulled together all of your research and ideas, your final step is to pull it all together through a mock interview. Our interview preparation service offers you personalised feedback and recommendations for improvement for your real interview.

Fidelity Interview Questions

Questions asked at Fidelity interviews in the past include:

  • Why Fidelity?
  • Why this business area?
  • What do you think is the most important skill for the job you have applied to?
  • Give me an example from your previous experience of when you have used your communication skills.
  • Tell me about your leadership skills.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Most Appropriate Way to Answer Fidelity Interview Questions?

JobTestPrep's Fidelity interview tips include employing the STAR method. This method enables you to give clear and efficient answers. If you feel insecure our Interview PrepPack™ can help you gain your confidence as it is filled with interview tips and other practice materials created by our experts.



How Long Does the Fidelity Hiring Process Take?

The length of the Fidelity recruitment process varies. However, the general feedback is that the process takes around one month.




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