Eversheds Assessment Centre, Interview and In Tray Exercise Practice

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  • Case study: Two full exercises
  • Interview preparation
  • Role Plays: 1 full-length practice test
  • Group Exercise: 2 full-length practice tests
  • In Tray: Two full exercises
  • Study guides and tips
  • Immediate online access | 24/7 practice
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Your skills will be tested in a variety of ways. As well as more specific test related research, don't forget to prepare for the day by knowing about the firm, reviewing your research and findings (again), and revising your CV. JobTestPrep provides a guide to the application process.

In-tray Exercises

You are asked to carry out two in-tray exercises at the assessment day. An in-tray exercise is a business simulation exercise, testing how you work on a day to day basis. The exercise is carried out in timed conditions. You are given a series of papers or emails that you may find on your to-do list when you get to the office in the morning. You are asked to read each item and complete a task on them, for example drafting a letter, proofreading a document, or replying to an email. The documents you are given can include: a set of financial figures, memos, letters, magazine articles, and more.

Previous exercise scenarios include:

  • Need to provide advice for a client (based on business information only).
  • You will be asked to pretend to be a trainee, who must write a report to a partner regarding a potential client.

An in-tray exercise requires you to place yourself in a new situation in order to complete the tasks set. By asking you to sit two in-tray exercises at the assessment centre, Eversheds are putting a lot of importance on what the tests can show you. It is therefore vitally important you prepare fully for these tests.

JobTestPrep can help you prepare with our In-tray Exercise example.

Group Exercise

Another exercise at the assessment centre is the group exercise. The candidates at the assessment centre are split into groups to investigate a number of commercial issues. The aim of the exercise is to come up with a set of conclusions by the end of the allocated time. You are being assessed throughout the group discussions on your own individual contribution. The recruitment team will be looking at how you manage the other members of the team, the quality of the contributions you make to the group’s discussions, how you stand by your own decisions.

Preparation for the group exercise is important. This can include considering in advance some of the possible other people in the group, and how to can best respond to them and thinking about what how to maintain a balance in the group and your own role in it. JobTestPrep's group exercise practice pack can help you formulate some of these plans.

You will have time as part of the group exercise to prepare a presentation to take to the next interview.


Following on from the group exercise, you now present your findings individually to a lawyer from the Eversheds team. The partner will ask questions about the issue you discussed and your presentation on it. You should be confident in your ability, able to defend your position, but also flexible and comfortable with critical comments on your work.

You may also be asked to reflect on the group exercise, how you performed, how the group performed, what you think about your conclusions, any improvements. As part of the interview, you may also be asked some more competency questions. This interview is based on a presentation. See the JobTestPrep blog on presentations for tips on how to present at the day. Brush up on your interview skills again with our interview preparation pack.


In Summary

Eversheds is an international law firm, with 10 offices around the UK. The company has its headquarters in London. The Eversheds graduate recruitment process in particular has undergone some changes in recent year with new stages and different tests. Eversheds are a popular firm, with around 4,000 applications received each year for graduate positions and summer interns. Applications are considered on a rolling basis so it is advised to apply early once applications open. This article has guided you through the application process and the resources available to help you as you move through each stage.

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