EPSO Accuracy and Precision Test for Assistant Level Preparation

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  • 3 Accuracy and Precision tests
  • 3 additional error checking tests
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In the EPSO competitions accuracy and precision test you will be given 40 questions to answer in just six minutes. The table above contains information in both written and pictorial form. Each of the icons in the EPSO accuracy and precision test represents a different item. These items are presented in the form of icons in the main table. However, in the accuracy and precision test you have to compare these icons to what they really represent in word form.

Test Sample

Epso Accuracy And Precision Example Test

What are the differences between the two tables?

Epso Accuracy And Precision Example Test

As you can see, your task is to compare the two tables. The major difference between them is that instead of icons there are words. Hence there are two possible ways you can easily slip up in the actual questions. Firstly you have to actually check if there are any errors in the corresponding table and secondly you have to remember what the icons represent.


Answering 40 questions in just six minutes is a daunting task. Even though the pass mark for this test is at this point in time only 20 out of 40, there are so many applicants for so few places the higher your mark is the more chance of success you will have. Therefore it is important to know what to expect and how to go about improving your score. 

Obviously getting the answer right is important but you are mainly being assessed on your ability to think on your feet whilst at the same time being under pressure. There is a tendency to over complicate this test and try and understand the actual main table. This is a mistake. As long as you can read what the table says, it doesn't need to make sense as all you have to do is compare it to another table. It is almost as if you have to disengage your thinking part of your brain and simply view the tables as simply as you can. People inherently see differences, even very subtle ones and this is really what you are being tested on here.

Practice makes perfect

Learning these skills is not the easiest task in the world. Yet in order to succeed in the EPSO accuracy and precision test you need to have them. The best way to increase your speed and score in this test is to practice them and tests similar to them. 

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