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About cut-e Tests

Aon cut-e abstract logical ability tests, which measure non-verbal logical thinking, are designated for various fields and positions. These tests are divided into three types.

cut-e Discovering Rules Test (scale ix)

  • Number of questions: 20
  • Time: 5 minutes

This is a very common test, mainly used by cut-e for screening graduates and apprentices. Read on to learn more about the cut-e Discovering Rules Test and JobTestPrep's dedicated practice pack.

cut-e Discovering Rules Test Sample
* Similar in style

cut-e Inductive Logical Reasoning (scales cls)

  • Number of questions: 12
  • Time: 12 minutes

Similar to the Discovering Rules Test, inductive reasoning tests require identifying a rule on the basis of a series of occurrences. On this particular test, titled cls, you are presented with two groups of tables. Yourtask is to discover the rules and interrelations defining each group. Thus, when presented with new tables, you should be able to classify each table into its appropriate group.

This test is mainly used by cut-e to screen candidates for apprenticeships and administrative positions. Its interface and general format are unique to cut-e and different than common inductive reasoning tests used by other companies.

Practice scales cls

cut-e Inductive-Reasoning Sample Question
* Similar in style

cut-e Deductive Reasoning

Deductive reasoning tests assess a candidate's ability to draw logical conclusions from a set of given rules. These tests are mainly used by cut-e to screen candidates of all levels, including apprentices and trainees, in the fields of IT, engineering, and electrical engineering, as well as electro-technology.

cut-e use three different deductive reasoning tests, all of which take between 5-15 minutes to complete. These tests present different systems with various operators and/or components, with at least one operator or component missing. Your task is to determine how each system works in order to identify the missing elements.

cut-e Deductive Reasoning Test Sample Question
* Similar in style


Prepare for Aon cut-e Abstract Logic Tests

JobTestPrep now offers a dedicated practice pack to help you prepare for the cut-e (Aon) Discovering Rules (scales ix) Test. Our pack simulates the real test experience, providing you with detailed explanations and solving tips. 


We are also working to develop additional tailored cut-e –style practice packs. In the meantime, we would like to offer you our inductive reasoning test pack. This pack will familiarise you with, and allow you to practise, the inductive reasoning concepts underlying other cut-e tests.

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