Clifford Chance Watson Glaser & Assessment Day Prep

Clifford Chance Application Process

Candidates are attracted for the Clifford Chance trainee solicitor jobs offered. This is because they offer top graduate schemes and training contracts. Therefore most applicants usually apply for the Clifford Chance vacation scheme and Clifford Chance training contract. Due to the similarity, these are assessed using the same Clifford Chance hiring process detailed below. The first step is the Clifford Chance Application Form which will give the recruitment team a general idea of what you represent. Then, the process is followed by the Clifford Chance Watson Glaser, also known as Clifford Chance Critical Thinking Appraisal test. If the current staff are pleased with you so far, you will be invited to the Clifford Chance Assessment Day, where you will have a whole event to shine and prove yourself to hiring managers. JobTestPrep offers practice materials for all the above assessments, which could also be of help for any sort of law internship.

Clifford Chance Application Form

Except for providing your basic details, education, and work experience, you will be asked a number of questions about your experience and motivations for applying. Remember to illustrate your answers with examples. Don't forget that depending on the position you are applying to, structure your experiences to support your cause. Especially if it is for the Clifford Chance training contract.

Your application form is only assessed once you have passed the Clifford Chance Watson Glaser. 


Clifford Chance Assessment Day

The Clifford Chance Assessment Day takes place at the firm's offices in London. It is comprised of the Clifford Chance Watson Glaser and two Clifford Chance interviews.

Clifford Chance Watson Glaser

The Clifford Chance critical thinking test is designed to measure your ability to evaluate pieces of information in front of you. You are assessed in five areas: drawing inferences, recognising assumptions, deductive reasoning, logical interpretation, and argument evaluation. The best way to prepare is to complete watson glaser practice tests. JobTestPrep has developed tests similar to Clifford Chance Watson Glaser practice tests, that mimic the actual test you'll be asked to sit. Using our practice tests guarantees your full preparation.

Clifford Chance Strengths-Based Interview

The strengths-based Clifford Chance interview is designed to understand what motivates you, as well as what you do well. This differs from traditional competency-based interviews which are focused more on what you can do or have done in the past.

Ahead of your Clifford Chance interview, there are a few simple things you can think about that will help you show the best of yourself during the real thing. Below are some Clifford Chance interview question examples:

  • What do your friends and family know you for? How would they describe you to a stranger?
  • What do you truly enjoy doing, and what you are like at your best?
  • What are the achievements you are proud of, and how did you accomplish them?
  • What activities (inside and outside of work) do you not particularly enjoy, and why?

The interviewers do not read your application form ahead of the interview, so it's up to you to set the tone.

Many employers recommend that you sit a mock interview ahead of the real thing. JobTestPrep offers an interview service through which you can get real-time interview practice, with the added benefit of feedback on your performance. Find out more about the service here.

Clifford Chance Case Study Interview

Ahead of this Clifford Chance interview, you are given 15 minutes to prepare a short presentation on a commercial question— usually on how you would advise a certain business legally and commercially—which you will present to interviewers. There is a distinct emphasis on commercial awareness in this interview. In addition, the interviewers are not looking for specific legal knowledge, but rather at how you think and solve problems. The interviewers are looking at your organisation skills—how you gather your thoughts on a piece of information in a limited time frame.

In this interview, you need to put yourself in the mindset of working for a law firm. Moreover, you must consider the client’s and the firm’s needs and priorities when making your recommendations. This involves some preparation ahead of time, including doing research about the firm as well as honing your approach. See JobTestPrep’s case study pages to learn more.

Prepare for the Clifford Chance Assessment Day 

The Clifford Chance recruitment process is very competitive and includes several testing stages. You must impress assessors during each phase of the process in order to progress to the next one. Preparation is key to helping you create this good impression, and JobTestPrep is here to assist you. With our information and resources, you can help ensure you pass the Clifford Chance assessment centre tests and interviews.



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