AstraZeneca Graduate Scheme Assessment Practice 2022

What is the AstraZeneca Graduate Scheme

Every year AstraZeneca offers a variety of positions for graduates, mostly in the UK (even though the programme is worldwide). The company sees its graduate employees as the future of the company, and the graduates are expected to tackle everyday work dilemmas from day one after they are accepted. All applicants are required to take the AstraZeneca graduate assessment as part of their hiring process.

The AstraZeneca Graduate Scheme salary is described as "competitive" by their website and can reach up to 27K£ by some accounts. 

The Different Positions Available:

  • Biometrics & Biopharmaceutical
  • Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Finance & Global Operations
  • HR
  • R&D & Technology Leadership
  • Pharmaceutical Technology & Development
  • More info on the AstraZeneca website.

The AstraZeneca Pymetrics Test

Right after submitting your online application, you will get an automated mail invitation to take the Pymetrics test. This assessment includes a series of 12 mini-games, each one lasts around 1-3 minutes, and altogether it takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

These neuroscience games are designed to analyze your personality, cognitive, behavioural, and problem-solving skills. They do so by tracking every step you take while playing the games and measuring over 90 traits to compile a personality profile.

The games are cartoonish in nature and vary from the "Ballon Game" to the "Digits Game". Here is an example from our Digits Game simulator you can find in our prep pack. In this game, you'll be presented with numbers that you'll need to memorize, each turn a new number is added:

Pymetrics AstraZeneca Assessment


The prep pack on this page includes accurate simulators and tips for 9 of the 12 AstraZeneca Pymetrics games (and more are on their way).

Once you are done with the Pymetrics assessment, your report is compared to AstraZeneca’s benchmark.

If you score high enough, you will be passed to the next stages of the hiring process.

For more info and tips, visit our dedicated Pymetrics page.


The AstraZeneca SHL Assessment (General Ability Test)

The next step for candidates is taking the SHL General Ability Test. If you have reached this point in the pre-employment screening, your score will be compared to that of your competition.

In total, you will get about 24 questions to answer and have 36 minutes to do so (46 with the extra time to read the instructions).

The SHL Verify G+ test is a combination of 3 interactive tests:

Numerical Reasoning Test

This part of the assessment focuses on your ability to extract, calculate, and come to conclusions based on numerical data. For example, you will be presented with a graph or a table filled with data, and your job is to analyze it and answer the question that follows by tweaking blank graphs accordingly. It will look quite like this:


AstraZeneca SHL Assessment sample


This part is where practising becomes much more crucial. The questions become more difficult and standing out against the competition is no easy task.


Inductive Reasoning Test

SHL Inductive questions revolve around finding the logical rules represented in shapes’ colour, position, etc. For example, you will get a series of shapes and will have to determine which one is the next in line.

Deductive Reasoning Test

The SHL Deductive questions examine your ability to draw logical conclusions out of given information. This will usually be measured by scheduling tasks or ranking items based on constraints.

For more information and SHL general ability practice, visit our dedicated SHL Verify G+ page.






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