Asda Magic Assessment Centre, Interview Preparation

In this pack, you will receive various practice material to prepare you for your upcoming assessment day at Asda. Familiriases yourself with case study, presentation, role play and many more assessment centre exercises with us.

The Asda Hiring Process

The Asda hiring process for hourly paid colleagues before the assessment centre is the same as the process for the Asda graduate programme. You must fill out an application online and following your completion of the application, you are directed toward a personality test and two online aptitude tests, numerical and verbal reasoning. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to the ASDA Magic assessment centre.

As you go through the day, it is important to remember that you are not being assessed on your scholastic ability but on your ability to communicate with others. Asda puts a large focus on teamwork and communication skills when assessing potential candidates. Thus you must focus on this to do well in the assessment centre. To assist your preparation, bear in mind the three main beliefs that ASDA believe everyone who works for them must have. They are:

  • Service to our customers
  • Respect for the individual
  • Strive for excellence

If you can incorporate these beliefs into all the activities performed on the day and show how you have them, chances are you will be offered a job.

The Asda Assessment Centre


The focus of this first activity is more of an icebreaker. You must speak to one of the people sitting next to you for five minutes and then you are asked to give them a short introduction and share something which they find interesting. Remember that as an Asda Magic employee, you must be able to relate to customers in the stores and help them. This presentation exercise assess your ability to do just that.

Large Group Activity

Each of the two ASDA Magic group activities assess a specific skill set. The larger group activity usually focuses on numerical skills as well as teamwork. In this exercise, you may be asked to do any variety of things. For example, you may each be given a card with a number on it. You are not allowed to look at the number, but hold it against your chest. You then have to arrange yourselves in order without actually knowing what number you are.

Small Group Activity

After the large group activity, you are split up into smaller groups and given a 5-minute task. For example, you may be asked to write a song and perform it. At different intervals of time, you are given different instructions, thus forcing you to adapt and change accordingly throughout. Get a better idea of how to prepare yourself for these group activities with an article and practise for group activities.

Role Play

In this exercise, you are given tasks that directly relate to the position you are applying to. You might be given an item that you have to try and sell to a member of the assessing team. Alternatively, you may have to deal with a complaint from a customer. Assessors are looking for many things; your sales skills, how well you work under pressure and if you fit the Asda employee profile. When doing this task it’s important to remember that you have to be friendly and that the customer always comes first. Prepare yourself and get some tips with our role play practice.

Final Stage of the Asda Assessment Centre

The final stage of the Asda assessment centre is unique. You are given 30 minutes to work on the shop floor itself. This gives you a taste of what to expect. Take note that your assessors will be paying close attention to your performance on the floor. The best way to prepare for this section is to visit your local Asda store and familiarise yourself with the layout, departments, tills, etc. You can also speak to current Asda employees and ask them for expert advice. Be yourself and show the Asda assessors that you are a responsible and friendly individual who has something to bring.

In addition to these activities, you will have a tour of the shop floor and given a brief understanding of what the job is like on the inside. It's always a good idea to do some research about Asda before the interview. This way you can ask informative questions to ask.

Throughout the day it is important to realise that you are there to have fun as well. If you take the group activities too seriously and you will not get the job. Asda is looking for light-hearted individuals who will be able to connect and help their customers in a very real way. If you do well enough on the Asda Magic assessment centre you will be invited back for an interview.

The Asda Interview

If you have performed well enough on the Asda Magic day you will be asked to come in for a one on one interview with a store manager. This interview is fairly informal with the sole purpose of getting to know you. You will be asked why you want to work for Asda and should, therefore, be prepared for this. Even if you answer simply, 'Because I need the money,' you may get the job because it is an honest answer. However, this has to go along with the correct demeanour and a demonstration of the Asda beliefs. Interviews are a key element to the Asda hiring process and it’s best to come prepared. To ensure a successful interview, take a peek at our interview preparation.

Prepare for Asda

The purpose of the Asda Magic assessment day is for both you and the company to get to know each other. Having a good attitude and a fun loving nature are two things Asda is looking for in its employees. Preparation for the different activities throughout the day means that you will show the assessors your best side and make a great impression. Let us help you begin your career at Asda with our assessment centre preparation resources.

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