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In this exercise, you will be given a choice of military, political, and contemporary issues. You have 45 minutes to produce an essay that is logical, fluent and convincing. In order to do this you need to know how to construct an essay with an introduction, a main section where you go into detail, and a conclusion where you sum up what you have done with the essay. You do not have a huge amount of time to complete this task, so don’t spend a long time deciding which particular subject to tackle. Moreover, as there are only a few topics to choose from and their outline is known, you can prepare in advance for this task. Check out our written exercise page for more information to help you along the way.


AIB Practise Planning Exercise

For this exercise, you will be given a brief describing an army situation such as:

You are on a reconnaissance mission and one of the vehicles comes under fire.

What do you do?

You have to write some notes and then have a discussion with the three assessors where you detail your plan of action. This exercise is similar to a case study where you have to make a reasoned, logical conclusion and present it to the assessors. See how we can help you with case studies and presentations.

Group Exercises

Notwithstanding the first planning exercise, you will also have a more detailed group planning exercise where you have 15 minutes to study and analyse a written brief regarding a fictitious scenario. Based on the scenario, the Lieutenant will introduce some more information to you as a group. You have to discuss the various options available and come up with a solution as a group. This solution will then be presented to the Board and you will be asked questions on the content as well as the reasons why you have chosen this path.

In addition, there are numerous different group exercises, both in a discussion format and in physical activities. You will be asked to lead a group and be part of one. Each of these roles requires different skills, but it is important to bear in mind that in the Navy, there is a great deal of emphasis put on encouraging your group and boosting their morale. Moreover, try to incorporate the key competencies mentioned above in all your group discussions and tasks. The Admiralty Interview Board assesses you intensely on your ability to explain things in the simplest, easiest to understand way. If you have a large vocabulary that some of the other candidates do not possess, it isn’t a good idea to show it off. In the Navy, things need to be clear, particularly as lives are at stake. Learn more about group activities.

Admiralty Interview Board Interview

The last assessment you will face at the AIB is the interview. You will face eight minutes of questioning from each of the members of the Board. You will be interviewed by the board of three assessors that we have mentioned before. The actual interview is similar to the SIFT interview that you have already come through. There are some service knowledge questions along the lines of the test that you have already taken earlier on in the AIB. As well as this, there are a number of competency questions mainly involving leadership and teamwork. You should answer the questions in the STAR method whereby you show where you have demonstrated this ability before in a real life situation. See our STAR method interview preparation page for more details. Bear in mind that although you are applying for the military, they are still looking for a rounded personality.

This means that you have to show that you have preferably active hobbies such as sports and going hiking. The best way to prepare for an interview is to actually have one. You can do this with the help of a friend and this will undoubtedly help your performance. However, there are a number of drawbacks with this method, mainly that a friend does not necessarily have the knowledge or experience to give you the correct feedback and guidance. For this reason, we have created an interview preparation package, which gives you a full interview, including a trained assessor who will give you true feedback and help to increase your performance levels.

Prepare for Success

We have gone through the tasks and exercises that you can expect at the Admiralty Interview Board. There are many different activities that not only tax your body physically but also mentally. You need to prepare fully in order to come through the AIB with a pass. We hope you have enjoyed this article and we look forward to helping you achieve success in this application. Good luck!

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